Reasons Why Dental Implants Are The Best

A missing tooth can have several impacts, including physical and mental health. As far as physical health is concerned, not being able to chew your food properly is a popular complaint many people have with a missing tooth. 

Other than that, the inability to speak or smile properly can affect a person mentally. There are many possible solutions to fix a missing or broken tooth; however, dental implants work best in most cases. 

Several reasons contribute to helping dental implants replace a missing tooth perfectly. So, if you have faced an accident that made you lose your teeth, you should immediately contact a Fort Lauderdale implant dentist

A dentist will figure out the best possible solution to fix your problem. Nevertheless, here are some reasons why dental implants are the best. 

Reasons why dental implants are the best

  • Acts as a natural tooth

Dental implants are much sturdier and more manageable than other solutions for replacing missing teeth. One of the reasons behind the stability is that dental implants are fixed to your jaw bone, which makes them immovable. 

Unlink other options like a partial or complete denture, veneers, etc.; dental implants do not just fix the broken teeth from above. They are rooted deep, so they act and feel like a natural tooth. 

  • Permanent fix 

Once you fit a dental implant in place of your missing tooth, you never have to worry about changing it or checking it from time to time. Moreover, they are just as strong as your original teeth giving them the resilience to withstand high chewing pressures. 

The best long-term advantage of dental implants is that they are much more resistant to harmful bacteria than your original teeth and have a lesser chance of developing cavities. 

  • Promotes youthful appearance 

A common symptom of losing your teeth is seen on your jaw bone. The jaw bone gradually starts to reside, giving your face a dragged and aged look. Dental implants can help you avoid the degradation in your jaw, making your face appear youthful. 

A missing tooth weakens the foundation of your jaw bone, resulting in a dragged appearance of your mouth. However, this can be easily avoided with permanent dental implants.

  • Prevent speech abnormality 

Many people are not aware that a missing tooth can affect their speech and pronunciation of words. Your teeth play an essential role in your speaking skills; even if one is missing, you may often experience slurring or slipping of the tongue.