Signs You Might Need Orthodontic Treatment

When it comes to our teeth, we are constantly seeking the best ways to fix them. For some, it’s as easy as getting their teeth whitened. However, some of us require additional dental treatment, such as braces. While we may believe our teeth are straight enough, there may be issues with our jaws or bite that require attention. Many clinics can assist, such as Speaks Orthodontics, an orthodontist in Denver, CO. But how do you know when it’s time to see an orthodontist? The following indicators can assist you in making that selection.

Examine Your Teeth in the Mirror

In addition to determining if your teeth are straight, glancing in the mirror might reveal other potential problems. Do you detect any noticeable abnormalities with your teeth when you glance at them? Is there insufficient room between each tooth? Consider how tough it is for you to brush or floss your teeth. If one of these is an issue, it may indicate that your teeth are overcrowded. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may observe an excessive space between your teeth. Braces or aligners can assist with both of these difficulties.

Jaw Ache

Jaw discomfort is often one of the first signs that you may need orthodontic treatment. If your jaw hurts when you eat or open your mouth, it might be because your teeth are misaligned. Furthermore, if you hear clicking or popping sounds coming from your jaw, you should see an orthodontist. If you do not get your discomfort checked out, you may develop TMJ dysfunction or joint degeneration.


Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can cause cracking or damage to your teeth. Going to an orthodontist, on the other hand, means you can get a night guard to assist you in avoiding the difficulty. A night guard is a custom-made mouthpiece worn at night to protect your teeth from harm caused by grinding. By taking an imprint of your teeth, the orthodontist will create a molded component that fits tightly over your teeth. Night guards are often made of soft plastic or silicone, which makes them both pleasant to wear and provides enough protection.

Overall Satisfaction

Consider how you feel about smiling in front of other people. Do you ever let yourself really grin, or do you smile with your mouth closed? Are you too self-conscious about your teeth to enjoy social gatherings? Consulting with an orthodontist about this might help you choose the best course of action for you. Many people who choose braces report that they have more self-esteem when the procedure is finished.

Selecting an Orthodontist

When you decide to see an orthodontist, make sure you choose one that best meets your needs. Speaks Orthodontics is the trusted orthodontic practice for Denver, CO, locals. They will walk you through their procedure and ensure that you are satisfied with your smile. No one is born perfect, and our oral health is no exception. Whether you have little or serious tooth problems, an orthodontist can assist you.