What is It Like to Have Braces?

Braces may be necessary if you need your teeth straightened or your jaw aligned. However, you may need to be made aware of how much attention goes into them. Before the operation, it is critical to educate yourself on what braces involve. Santucci Orthodontics has an orthodontist in Wichita, KS, who can explain the long-term procedure to you, but the list below can provide you with some information in advance.

The Duration of Time

Braces are a simple fix. You will be wearing them for an average of six months to three years after they are set on your teeth. It just depends on how much straightening is required. Expect to see your orthodontist every four to eight weeks to get them readjusted.

Even after your teeth are aligned, and your braces are removed, you will need to see your orthodontist again because you will be fitted with a retainer. A retainer is used to prevent your teeth from moving back to their natural position.


While you may be terrified of braces because of the tightness, they might cause, or because they are made of metal and wires, braces are not typically uncomfortable. There is some pain when you initially receive them, but it fades with time. You may be given a wax or gel to calm your gums and lips to help keep them from hurting.

Flossing and Brushing

Brush your teeth after every meal since food gets trapped in braces extremely quickly. Allowing it to accumulate might lead to gum disease or tooth decay. If enough food gets caught between your braces, it might damage them. While flossing is more difficult, it may still be done at least once a day using a water pick.


When you wear braces, there are numerous foods to be cautious of or avoid altogether. This is due to the fact that some meals might become entangled in the wires and be difficult to remove. Others may be excessively forceful, causing the wires and brackets in your braces to break. Soft or easy-to-chew meals are ideal for eating while wearing braces. If you do want to eat apples or carrots, it is best to chop them into extremely little pieces before eating them.

Sports Activities

When you wear braces, you may believe that sports are out of the question. Of course, you must use extreme caution while engaging in physical contact, but this does not mean that you must forego all enjoyment. To keep your braces and teeth safe, all you’ll need is a personalized mouthguard. Your orthodontist will make one for you that suits the shape of your teeth.

Choosing the Best Orthodontist

When you believe it is time to acquire braces, you should always conduct research on orthodontists in your area to discover one that suits your needs. Consultation with their office may be necessary during this procedure. Santucci Orthodontics in Wichita, KS, for example, will be pleased to address your worries regarding braces. Don’t allow your concerns to prevent you from developing your smile.