Understanding Outpatient Rehab Treatment

Becoming sober can be one of the most relieving times in a person’s life. After years of struggling with substance abuse, being free of the habit will lead to a happier and healthier mindset, as well as a chance for a more fantastic future. You should not stop there even if you have graduated from an inpatient therapy center.

An outpatient rehab program (OP) allows former addicts to continue care outside of a hospital setting so that they can get back to their daily lives. Inner Voyage Recovery Center also offers its OP program to those who are still struggling but are not in need of inpatient care. There is a lot to understand about this method of care before you can get into it, and though it might feel ideal for many, some individuals may need to consider more intensive treatment first.

Why It’s Beneficial

Something that can be a struggle for many patients going through rehab is that it does not feel like a “normal life.” They cannot go to work, nor are they prohibited from leaving the premises whenever they please, as they would in their typical routine. So, whenever they go back to reality, they can feel lost. OP care can help make this transition a lot less jarring and will allow them to have still someone to turn to for guidance so that they do not go back to their old habits.

Instead of being stuck in one place all day, the individual comes in for daily or weekly programs. When working with Inner Voyage Recovery Center, you could receive different types of therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family therapy, or trauma therapy. You will also have access to medical assistance and any extra resources that may keep you on the road to recovery.

Why It’s Not for Everyone

Even though it has plenty of perks, OP rehab can be a hindrance for some. This is because patients are not being watched over by staff throughout the whole day, so some people can easily go back to using drugs or alcohol. Not only that, but inpatient care can provide assistance for any mental health struggle an individual might be dealing with, which they might not have access to when living in their own home.

The only way that outpatient care is guaranteed to keep an individual sober and on the right track is if they go to all of their appointments and keep up with what they are taught. If they are unsure that they can handle this, they may need to discuss other options with their care team.

Other Programs

OP rehab can often act as the “alumni” step in many addicts’ journeys, so those who are facing severe struggles can usually partake in other rehab treatment options first. Inner Voyage Recovery Center has two different types of outpatient programs that can provide patients with more observation.

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): Individuals going through PHP need to attend more sessions than with any of the other treatments. A mix of residential and inpatient services is used to help patients. This is often the best option for those who just got out of a residential setting or for those who want to use something other than a residential facility.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Although there are fewer sessions and observations from specialists during IOP, it still offers more structure to patients than OP rehab. Like PHP, people who have completed residential programs can use IOP. The difference is that these individuals have more open schedules.

Inner Voyage Recovery Center also has a young adult program to help patients between the ages of 18 and 25 stay sober while also focusing on the many stressors that come with that age group.

Getting better is not one-size-fits-all, and Inner Voyage Recovery Center understands that. They know everyone desires to get back to their everyday lives, but it is essential that they still have encouragement and care while doing so. No matter which form of outpatient care a person needs to receive, their team will prove to them that they are more than their addiction and deserve to heal.

Have you been through rehab but still need a little more help staying in line? The team at Inner Voyage Recovery Center is ready to help. When you contact them, they will help you figure out which form of their programs will work best for your current situation.