Laser Dentistry and Its Uses

The fear of dentists is more common than you might realize. Fear or anxiety is said to keep between 9% and 20% of Americans from visiting the dentist. Some people complain about being uncomfortable in the dentist’s chair or being afraid of the pain that comes with a checkup. For these and other reasons, laser dentistry is frequently preferred by patients because it is more comfortable than traditional dental treatments.

Wilton Smiles is a dentist in Wilton, CT that offers laser dentistry. We use it on our patients for a whole variety of treatments to make them feel more at ease and less invaded. We use both hard and soft lasers to aid in helping both the teeth and gums.

Some ways laser treatment can be used include the following:


We all know that cavities are no fun. They already cause us discomfort, so why should getting them treated be just as painful? Because laser dentistry does not require drilling into the tooth, procedures like cavity removal can be performed without the use of anesthesia. This means that no shots are required, and patients do not experience facial numbness, which most of us despise. In fact, you actually have the chance to eat and drink right after the appointment is over!

Teeth Whitening

We all want perfect teeth, and one factor in that is a bright and white look. There are options such as at-home kits or regular teeth whitening treatments at dentist offices, but both can take a lot of time or be quite expensive. Laser dentistry speeds up the process. The laser is used to target specific staining and discoloration areas, breaking up the pigment and making it easier to remove. Patients can usually expect to see dramatic results after just one visit to the dentist.

Sleep Apnea

Finding an effective treatment for sleep apnea can be difficult for those who suffer from it. Some people use CPAP machines to keep their airways open while sleeping, but they are bulky and uncomfortable. Others have surgery to correct the problem, which can be costly and dangerous. Surprisingly enough, laser dentistry can be helpful.

By reshaping the tissue in the back of the throat, laser dentistry provides a nonsurgical treatment for sleep apnea. The procedure is generally safe and effective, and it can be performed under local anesthesia in a dentist’s office. People with mild to moderate sleep apnea who cannot tolerate or respond well to other forms of treatment may benefit from laser dentistry.

These are just a few of the many ways in which Wilton Smiles can help you through laser dentistry. Along with these, we can also work on your teeth sensitivity, gum disease, cold sores, and inflammation. We have the goal of making sure you feel comfortable coming to our office, no matter the reason you are here. If you want to find out how laser dentistry can be a beneficial option for you, contact our office today. You deserve a healthy mouth, and we will do our part to make sure that happens!