Everything You Should Know About Godfather OG Strain

There are many strains of cannabis out there. Godfather OG strain is one of the strongest strains and has become a contemporary classic. The Godfather OG provides a nice mental buzz to help you become more creative. It also offers a body high that helps you relax and enjoy some form of pain relief.

This strain does well both outdoors and indoors in terms of growth conditions. While indoors, it takes about eight weeks to flower. Outdoors, the Godfather OG will be ready to harvest the latest mind October.

What is Godfather OG Strain?

It’s a very powerful and slightly Indica-dominant strain, a cross of Alpha OG and XXX OG. There are several variations such as a mixture of OG Kush and GDP and a combination of Bubba Kush, GDP, and LA Confidential.

Godfather OG gets your body high pleasantly. The experience starts with an extremely potent cerebral rush linked to sativas. You should also know that it won’t take long before you start feeling the effect and feeling of highness. Godfather OG is much a feel-good strain because it creates a lot of happiness inside of you when you take it.

Once you take this strain, you’ll soon experience a feeling of euphoria and after that, the physical feeling of highness will manifest. Users of this strain report feeling relaxed and not in the mood to just stay where they are and do nothing. For that reason, you should stick to using Godfather OG in the evenings to better deal with the sedative effects.

Godfather OG Strain

Its scent is similar to what grass has in the morning. That’s the kind of aroma you should expect from this strain. The earthy and pine odors are pungent and allow you to know that you’re holding high-quality cannabis. Sometimes, you might experience the scent of grapes.

Godfather OG Flavor

You’ll love this strain once you taste it. Godfather OG has an amazingly smooth smoke characterized by grape flavor. You ought to also get powerful pine and herbal flavors from properly-cured OG.

What Does Godfather OG Looks Like?

It’s easy to identify the Godfather OG as it has a unique appearance. The strain has dense nugs with a thick crust of purple tinges and trichomes on the postils.

How Much THC in Godfather OG?

The strain happens to be of the most powerful strains on the market. Averagely, Godfather OG contains a THC content of about 25%. But some tests have revealed that some versions can have up to 28% of THC. This level is far beyond what a beginner user should take. In fact, this level is likely too potent for people with a certain average THC tolerance.

How Much CBD in Godfather OG?

CBD content is very little in this strain. That’s intended to reduce the high levels of THC. Generally, there’s about 0.7 percent of CBD in the Godfather OG.

Health Benefits of This Strain

Undoubtedly, many people adore the Godfather OG. This cannabis strain has many medical benefits. For example, it causes the feeling of great joy that can help people with depression. It also helps individuals feel relaxed and calm. That means you can use it to treat anxiety and stress.

Its high levels of potency imply that it might help in managing chronic pain symptoms. Once you stop feeling high, you’ll probably feel very sleepy. Thus, you should consider using this strain to help you get a healthy night’s sleep.

Final Words – Side Effects of Godfather OG

Some of the common, possible side effects of this strain include cottonmouth and dry eyes. The very high THC Godfather OG strain content could also cause issues. You could also experience nausea, dizziness, and headaches if you overdose on it or your THC tolerance is low. We recommend you stay away from this strain if your body doesn’t tolerate extremely strong strains.