Effect of nicotine on reproductive function

It is no secret that smoking has a negative effect on the body. According to statistics, every few seconds one person in the world dies because of a disease caused by this habit. The tobacco addiction is called “the plague of the XX century” and all possible methods are tried to reduce the number of smoking men and women. Not so long ago modern science proved that tobacco use is closely connected with an inability to have healthy children.

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Poisons, which kill the body

First of all, we want to remind you that the basis of tobacco is nicotine, which narrows and destroys blood vessels. As a result of poisoning, the cardiovascular system, endocrine organs, and sexual system suffer the most. These organs require a large blood supply, and as a result of smoking addiction, do not get enough oxygen. In addition to nicotine in cigarettes, you can find carcinogens, tar, combustion products, radioactive substances, which are not only dangerous to health and life but also negatively affect the production of hormones.

What happens in the body of a woman who smokes?

Not only does the representative of the weaker sex, which has a cigarette in her hand, looks vulgar and has long been unfashionable, but it causes indelible damage to her own body.

The main changes in the reproductive system:

  • Disruption of the production of hormones responsible for reproductive function;
  • Production of oxytocin, which causes involuntary uterine contractions and vasospasms;
  • Production of the stress hormone;
  • Hormonal dysfunctions;
  • Menstrual disorders.

Smoking as a cause of impotence

Scientists have found that only 15% of cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by psychological problems, while in the remaining 85% of cases the main reason for erectile dysfunction is smoking. Besides the possibility to feel like a real man, the representatives of the stronger sex, who are actively involved in smoking, take away the possibility to continue their birth. Under the influence of a bad habit on the reproductive system imply poor sperm production, poor sperm motility.

We strongly recommend quitting smoking during the period of planning and conception.

Remember, leading an unhealthy lifestyle, such as nicotine, alcohol, drugs, and junk food, affects not only conception, but the entire body. In turn, this can lead to a number of health problems that can affect both infertility and the whole body.

Lead a healthy lifestyle, because it is the key to your health and the successful conception of a child.