COVID-19: Are You at Higher Risk?

After two years of strict lockdown protocols, numerous economies worldwide have already eased up their guidelines, giving people a chance to navigate the new normal. Masks and vaccine certificates are now requirements for countless establishments. And business landscape across many industries has changed dramatically, including tourism.

One thing that the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted in early 2020 is the freedom of many individuals to travel within or outside their home countries. But in the past months, the tourism sector has slowly gained traction again, with numerous people wanting to go out after months in isolation. Governments release a set of requirements to help travellers be safe in their journey.

For example, many nations added a Fit to Fly COVID test to ensure that the individual is COVID-free. Moreover, whether in a home or hotel quarantine, tourists must undergo day 2 and 8 tests, to further assure the absence of the virus.

But despite the more lenient protocols enforced nowadays, it is still essential to learn who is at high risk of contracting the virus. There are specific groups of people who are advised to be more careful as getting infected can be life-threatening.

An example is those who have comorbidities. These individuals suffer multiple health issues, and catching the virus will result in severe COVID-19 symptoms and lengthy hospitalisation. The most common comorbidities recorded are hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Those who suffer from these diseases already have a weaker immune system, and coronavirus can further deteriorate their health, leading to fatality.   

In addition to that, pregnant women are also at high risk of acquiring the virus. Those in the middle of their pregnancy experience changes in their immune system, which makes them more susceptible to the disease. According to the World Health Organisation, getting infected with COVID might result in premature babies.

To learn more if you are at higher risk for the COVID-19 and how you can protect yourself from COVID, check this infographic from Harley Medic International.