About Cataract and Eye Problems & When to See a doctor –

Introduction –

One of the things that many people do not know about cataract is that is that in cataract a cloud forms in the normally clear lens of the eye. People who are suffering from cataract is like they are seeing through a cloudy lens. It is like looking through a fogged-up window or frosty window. It is because of the clouded vision that is caused by the cataract it becomes difficult for people to drive a car, read and even see the expression of a face of anyone. There are many cataract that develops slowly and they do not disturb the eyesight. But after a passage of time the cataract interferes with the vision and you will have problem in seeing.

Surgery When Needed in Cataract –

For cataracts in the beginning a strong lightening and eyeglasses can assist you in dealing with cataracts. But if the vision is impaired and interferes with the usual activities then you might need a cataract surgery. Besides cataract many people even have retinal detachment which will require a surgery to correct it. Apart from all of these, one of the good things that you will know about the cataract surgery is that it is mostly safe and effective procedure. There are certain signs and symptoms of cataract like dim vision, blurred or clouded vision. Then, there is a difficulty in seeing at night, then there is also a sensitivity to glare and light. For reading and other activities, they need brighter light.

Loss of Central Vision –

Besides all of that, seeing halos around the lights is also a sign of cataract. If there is a frequent change in the contact lens and eye glasses prescription, then it can be a sign of cataract. Also, double vision in a single eye is a sign of cataract. Other signs include fading and yellowing of colours. One of the things that people should know is that, apart from cataract there is also other old-age related problem that people suffer from in vision and that is known as macular degeneration. When there is a loss of central vision, then macular degeneration happens in old people. You can see more noticeable symptoms of cataract especially when the cloud type formation grows larger i.e., the cataract and there is difficulty in passing of the light through the lens.

Eye Care & Seeing a doctor –

For all of these eyes related problem, one of the solutions is proper eye care. You should wash your eye with fresh cold water daily and put some good eye drops that can restore the eye sight or heal the eyes. If you notice any slight changes in your vision, then you should make an appointment with the eye doctor and if you develop double vision, or sudden changes in the vision, where you have sudden eye pain or flashes of light and sudden headache then you should see your eye doctor highpoint nc. There are various causes for the development of cataract. Most of the cataract develops because of aging and injury changes the tissues that makes up the eye lens.

Surgery & Steroids –

There are also fibres and proteins in the lens that becomes to break down and causes vision to become hazy or the vision can also become cloudy. Cataracts can also be caused because of other conditions of the eye like past eye surgery, or medical condition like diabetes. Long term use of medications like steroids can also cause cataracts to develop.