NAD therapy in full means Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide therapy. This treatment stimulates cell regeneration in your body.

This particular therapy helps in decreasing the withdrawal symptoms during the addition recovery of a drug addict.

NAD therapy has numerous advantages and few side effects as enlisted in this blog

Advantages of NAD therapy

Improving wellbeing

This therapy helps your body turn food to energy and produce more cells. This improves the general look of your hair and nails because of vitamin B.

Brain Protection

NAD is more active in the brain and as such, it provides clarity and effectiveness in making decisions and responses

Prevents aging

The stimulation of cell regeneration plays a big role of making veins active as such, your blood flow is better. This means that you look more youthful and younger and not age faster

Muscle protection

Muscles are largely affected when your veins die and age. NAD Therapy makes them active thus increasing communication between blood vessels and muscles

Repairing DNA

NAD therapies HELP in reducing aging and thus prevents cancer infection. In the end your cells are more active and alive. The repair of your DNA makes you more healthy and active

Reducing depression

Patients who have gone through NAD + Therapy have been experiencing less depression cases, because your brain is stimulated to make better decisions.

Increasing energy levels

When your body metabolism is okay, you are likely to have good energy levels for all your activities.

Short-term memory increases

This is the ability to store small amount of information actively. NAD therapy helps you improve and information is readily available in your brain

Side effects of NAD Therapy

NAD Therapy has some side effects, which include;


Nausea is the discomfort that comes just before you vomit. This comes few hours after you receive the NAD drip but it goes away

Brain fog

This is a state where your brain ends up losing focus and clarity only for a short period then you regain it


This is where your muscle feels strained. However, after a short time you feel better as a person.

Tenderness in the injection area

This comes because of pricking of that particular area the NAD drip was injected.

Finally yet importantly, if you have low levels of NAD you may experience heart diseases or diabetes therefore it is important to ensure your NAD levels are okay

How long does NAD take to work?

After taking the NAD trip the full effects takes between 6 – 10 days before you can feel the drip working. After this, you will witness the results

Cost of NAD therapy

The cost of NAD therapy varies. It ranges from $800 and above. This can increase depending on whether you need special treatment or no. When you do cost benefits analysis the benefits are way better.

Bottom Line

NAD therapy has more benefits than dangers. Therefore, you can take the NAD trip and boost your health better. You can improve your overall health by visiting Rise Recovery Well Being with NAD Drip centre for better living.