7 Tips for Staying Cool in the Heat

If you live in a warm location like Parrish in Florida, staying cool in the heat might become one of your top priorities throughout the year. It might feel difficult at first to stay cool while enjoying all your favorite activities, but there are many things you can do to control your temperature and avoid heat stroke and other damaging health conditions.

Here are some of the top tips if you want to stay cool in the heat this year.

1.      Get to Know Your Home

People who have just moved into a new home might need some time to explore their new place and figure out the best ways to stay cool. It will take time to discover whether certain rooms in the new home are cooler than others and where the best spots are in the garden for catching some shade.

2.      Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated when the weather is warm is one of the best things you can do in order to stay cool. Without enough water, you will quickly become dehydrated, especially when out walking or doing any other physical activity. Ensure you always have a bottle of water with you and refill it regularly to keep yourself hydrated in the heat.

3.      Eat Cooler Snacks

Keep your temperature down by eating cooler snacks such as raw vegetables, smoothies, and frozen fruit. Alongside water, this can help you to stay hydrated while getting nutrition and keeping cooler throughout the day. Avoid eating spicy foods or warm foods that could cause you to feel hotter and prevent you from being able to stay cool. Focus on a Mediterranean diet that is designed for warm climates.

4.      Stay Away from the Hottest Sun

When the sun is most intense – normally between 10 am and 4 pm each day – try to stay out of the sun and keep in the shade. This can help you to stay cool while reducing the risk of sunstroke and sun damage. Plan your exercise around these hours and aim to go out earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon.

5.      Go Swimming

There is no shortage of beaches in Florida, and many people choose to live in a community with a pool and other amenities to enjoy. If you’re living somewhere with easy access to a pool, consider using it regularly to help you stay cool in the warmer weather. Swimming can help you to cool down while also getting regular exercise.

6.      Keep the Blinds Closed at Home

Keep the blinds and curtains closed during the warmest parts of the day in order to keep your home cooler. If you’ve recently moved to a new home, consider installing blinds, fans, and other features that can help to stay cool year-round. If you’re still deciding where to move, consider a new home that has plenty of features to help keep it cool.

7.      Wear Loose Clothing

Tight clothing can make you feel warmer and increase your risk of becoming dehydrated. In the warmest months, wear looser clothing that allows you to feel cooler even during the hottest parts of the day. Similarly, avoid wearing black clothing and other dark colors since these will absorb the heat and make you feel even warmer.

Finding a Cool Home in Florida

If you want a modern new home that can help you to stay cool during the warm weather in Florida, a community like North River Ranch in Parrish could be the perfect option. Whether you’re living alone or with family, staying cool in the summer is important, and the right community can help you to do it.