Wisdom Tooth Extraction an Obligation or an Option

Have you ever thought about the usage of a wisdom tooth? Is it a sign that I am a wiser person now? A wisdom tooth is just about pain and pressure in my mouth, but there should be a logical reason behind all those complications and suffering. Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molar, are located at the tag end of each grinder teeth row. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth growing in the mouth. They are normally smaller than other grinder teeth. Growing a wisdom tooth can be painful and irritating, especially for those with smaller jaw and gum. In general, it is not a pleasant experience. Wisdom teeth are prominent teeth, and they grow from about 17 to 26 age.

As an experienced dentist performing wisdom tooth extraction in Oakville explains, the third molar tooth is more likely to decay because that part of the mouth is more humid and darker; it is a good environment for bacteria growth. Wisdom teeth can cause infection, misaligned teeth, tooth decay, and gum illnesses. Often there is no choice but to extract all of them.

Why Do We Grow Wisdom Tooth?

Although many dentists do not recommend Wisdom tooth extraction, they have different comments to support or disagree with keeping the wisdom tooth. The answer to this question is that there is no rational reason for growing wisdom. We frequently chop and cook the ingredients of our food before consuming it. Scientists guess the wisdom tooth was a tool for early humans who had to eat raw foods that were hard to chew. Today many never grow any wisdom teeth. In the future human DNA may remove the wisdom genetic code, but it seems too far.

What Are The Symptom of Wisdom Tooth Eruption?

Some signs show the wisdom tooth is coming in. You might feel pressure in your mouth and teeth. Or you see soreness or swollen gum. The pressure of wisdom tooth eruption can cause pain in your jaws, eyes, and head. If you see symptoms like bleeding or damage to the other teeth, make an appointment with your family dentist as soon as possible. Here third moral tooth extraction is not an option anymore.

Shall I Pull out My Wisdom Tooth by Surgery?

If you have issues with your wisdom tooth or your orthodontist thinks it is necessary to remove them, you take an x-ray photo, and the dentist recognizes if the wisdom tooth extraction should be done by surgery. You shall take antibiotics before the surgery or extraction if there is an infection. A partially erupted tooth needs surgery. Wisdom tooth surgery has a simple procedure. The dentist injects enough local anesthesia and cuts a small part of the gum to pull out the teeth. The wisdom tooth may not have a problem for the patient, but the patient decides to extract it to prevent future problems.

If the dentist tells you to extract your wisdom tooth, do not delay doing it. The more you wait and tolerate the pain and infection, the worse and more serious it gets, and it can damage other teeth, especially the second moral tooth located next to your wisdom tooth.