Why IVF cost is higher in Delhi?

So, why ivf cost is higher in Delhi has always been a question most people ask. However, before that is delved into, appreciating IVF as a whole, is necessary. A few years ago, IVF, also known as in-vitro fertilization, was frowned upon by many. It was seen as a very mysterious procedure and method that people weren’t interested in. However, with many childless couples today being helped and making their dreams of being parents a reality through IVF over the years, things have changed. Today, in India, Delhi, the capital city, stands as the ideal location for most of the best IVF centers and clinics. No wonder many people from India and all parts of the world choose to have their IVF procedures done there.

Is IVF a normal pregnancy?

The truth about IVF is that it is a normal pregnancy. However, the process through which it is formulated or comes about is always where the uniqueness is. Although the process of fertilization happens outside of the woman’s body, it doesn’t make the child an unnatural child. The embryo is immediately transferred into the mother’s uterus, her body accepts it, and the pregnancy is revealed, becoming the normal pregnancy that everyone is familiar with. Although this doesn’t explain why IVF cost is higher in Delhi, it proves that, IVF works and has brought joy into many lives and homes worldwide. This makes it a very important procedure in the world of fertility that will be available for many years to come. That is just it.

So, why is the cost higher in Delhi?

The ideal cost of IVF treatments in Delhi is high. However, it is still quite within the range of other Western countries. The truth is, the cost is dependent mostly on the different factors considered. That is why before you ask why IVF cost higher in Delhi, you need to find out what these costs entail. IVF is a process that takes place in stages. It isn’t rushed and done all at once. It flows smoothly in a process like:

  • The ovarian stimulation stage.
  • The egg retrieval stage
  • The embryo transfer stage.

Each procedure might not be the same. This is because, even with the above stages, other aspects come into play. These mostly include ultrasounds, lab studies and tests, blood tests, follicular observation, as well as drugs. That is why it is important for you as a couple to find out if the procedure quoted will involve all the other tests and methods or not. Always make inquiries before a decision is made.

What is the price range to look at?

Mostly, the basic in vitro fertilization cost currently in Delhi ranges from INR 80,000 to INR 200,000. This cost range is per each IVF cycle. Based on the experience of the doctor, the issues linked with infertility, the procedure that will be used, your medical history, and others. The truth is that, for some couples, this price range is still very high. That makes them worry. However, why IVF cost is higher in Delhi is due to the excellent services that IVF and fertility centers provide.


Since various tests are done for both the man and the woman, it means both parties play their roles. Also, different situations for couples can lead to the cost being very high. That is also a factor to consider. All this, though, should never make you feel you can never pay for the procedure. You can choose to save towards it to also achieve your dreams of being a mother and father. So, this is why IVF cost is higher in Delhi.