What You Should Know About Medical Cosmetology

Each passing year makes its own adjustments to the condition of our skin. Gradually, it loses its tone and becomes less elastic, wrinkles appear on the face, nasolabial folds appear more and more clearly. Wrong lifestyle exacerbates the situation, and bad habits and constant stress change the hormonal background of a woman, only accelerating the process of withering. Yes, we cannot oppose ourselves to time, but we can timely take care of prolonging youth and preserving beauty. This is possible through a procedure known as medical cosmetology or 醫學美容.

What is medical cosmetology?

Medical cosmetology is a modern trend in aesthetic medicine, which allows you to successfully resist age-related changes and model the appearance, correcting flaws and emphasizing advantages. A good medical cosmetology center or 醫學美容中心 should adhere to the principle of a personal approach to each patient. They should draw up an individual comprehensive program of effective treatment and rejuvenation. To achieve high results, the treatment or 醫學美容療程 involves the use of exclusively safe medications and patented technologies.

Therapeutic cosmetology is one of the areas of medicine that is designed to solve problems of a dermatological nature. It is important to understand that it is impossible to get rid of medical diseases with cosmetic methods. Moreover, almost all procedures have contraindications. 

Common Medical Cosmetology Procedures

Many beauty salons practice providing a wide range of procedures. So, for example, some provide for mesotherapy, peeling, Restylane, photoepilation, rejuvenation. They are provided only by a specialist with medical education.

Injection therapy gives an excellent result in a short time – without pain, discomfort, and difficulties of the recovery period. The famous “beauty injections” will help you erase the traces of past years from your face. Injections of fillers and biologically active preparations are successfully used to model the shape of the cheekbones, enlarge the lips, moisturize the skin and normalize its turgor.

Thread lift is one of the most popular and effective rejuvenation procedures today. Feedback from patients suggests that the procedure can turn back the clock. Thread lifting successfully solves such age-related problems as a “second chin” and a swollen face oval.

All manipulations in medical cosmetology are performed exclusively by highly qualified cosmetologists. To consolidate the effect after the course of procedures, it is necessary to provide the skin with professional care and follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Indications for medical cosmetology

  • Deep creases on the face (longitudinal crease above the bridge of the nose, lacrimal grooves, nasolabial folds);
  • Pronounced wrinkles around the mouth, in the corners of the eyes, and crow’s feet.
  • Change in the oval of the face, caused by a decrease in skin elasticity.
  • Gravitational ptosis, “second chin.”

As the years go by, don’t waste your time! Respect for one’s own health and cosmetic procedures carried out in a timely manner will allow you to remain young and delightful for as long as you like.

The Primary Goal of Medical Cosmetology

The main goal of medical cosmetology is to get rid of such problems as acne, age spots, rosacea, eczema, warts, freckles, xeroderma, etc. In the process of undergoing a course of treatment, not only the problem itself is neutralized but also the causes that led to its occurrence. To strengthen the positive result, the specialist normalizes the metabolism in the client’s body.

Both women and men can use the help of experienced cosmetologists.