What Its Like Going to an Orthodontist

Whenever you visit your regular dentist, you know what to expect. They will come in, perform a deep cleaning and flossing, then check your teeth for any underlying issues. If you are clear, they will then schedule to see you again in six months. It is typically a smooth process. However, if your teeth are misaligned, you should visit an orthodontist.

The idea may seem daunting, but orthodontists like Lanier Orthodontics want to treat you with the same care that your dentist does. But what is a trip to their office really like? If you have never been to one, the following article will explain what happens when you go to Lanier Orthodontics for either braces or Invisalign in Dawsonville, GA.

Your First Appointment

While you may be waiting in anticipation, your first appointment is not that scary. They are not going to put the gear on you as soon as you get there. When you are in their chair, your orthodontist will do an initial examination to see how severe your teeth and jaw issues are.

X-rays and photographs of your mouth, teeth, and face are often taken during this examination. The orthodontist will also feel around your jaws for any abnormalities. Following the evaluation, the orthodontist will create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. They will explain to you the best course of action and plan your next appointment.

For some, aligners like Invisalign are an option, but for more severe cases, braces are the best bet. In some instances, you might not require either. You may need something like a mouthguard or a retainer.

Getting Your Orthodontic Gear

The next time you see them, you can expect to get your braces or aligners placed:


The process for aligners is relatively easy. Your orthodontist will use an impression of your teeth to make a customized plastic mold that will help straighten your teeth. There will be different sets created as your teeth straighten each visit. Your orthodontist may also give you a cleaning kit to help you care for them.


This process is slightly longer. First, the orthodontist will clean your teeth and put a bonding substance to them. They will next install the brackets on your teeth and use a special light to solidify the bonding agent. Once the brackets are in place, rubber bands will be used to secure the archwires to them. Finally, they will make any required modifications and offer you instructions on how to care for your new braces. They may also give you dental wax or salve.

Further Visits

After you have your gear, you will need to keep up with your appointments. The orthodontist will want to see you every few weeks to make adjustments and to keep an eye on how straight your teeth are getting. If there are any complications or concerns, they will answer them accordingly.

You should also make sure to contact them if you are dealing with any excessive pain or if something becomes broken. Many clinics, like Lanier Orthodontics, can provide you with emergency care to get you back on track. If you let it go, it may cause your teeth to shift back to their original place.


Wearing braces and aligners can take months or years, depending on the situation. Once your orthodontist has deemed your teeth are straight enough, they will remove the gear. However, there is still work to be done. To keep your teeth straightened, they will give you a retainer to wear. For the first few months, you will need to wear this all day, but after a while, it is only necessary at night.

Because orthodontic care is such a long process, you want to make sure you choose a clinic that you trust and feel comfortable in. For residents of Dawsonville, GA, that clinic is Lanier Orthodontics. Their tools and knowledge make them a great choice, no matter the severity of your case. They are guaranteed to give you the care you need without hesitation.

Getting braces or aligners might seem scary, but the end results make everything worth it. With help from Lanier Orthodontics, you will get the perfect smile in no time.