What is Orthognathic Surgery, Exactly?

Although braces and aligners can help our teeth and jaws, there are times when further procedures are necessary. Orthognathic surgery may be recommended if you have a severe bite or jaw condition. Peach Orthodontics, which offers an orthodontist in Post Falls, ID, may be able to assist you in determining if surgery is necessary. With their guidance, you will avoid further injuries and long-term health problems.

When is Surgery Required?

When the upper or lower jaws, or both, are out of alignment, orthognathic surgery is necessary. Chewing, speaking, and swallowing may become difficult as a result. It can also make breathing more difficult. When the jaws are misaligned, it can create facial instability and an incorrect bite. However, surgery will not be recommended until your orthodontist is convinced that your jaw has completed its formation. This is usually when ladies are 16 and males are 18.

What Exactly is the Procedure?

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon performs orthognathic surgery. The jaw bones are moved and sliced to obtain the appropriate alignment during orthognathic surgery. In some circumstances, the surgeon may need to make tooth changes to obtain a more natural-looking and functional bite. Orthognathic surgery is frequently performed under general anesthesia and might take many hours to complete.

Orthognathic surgery, like any significant medical procedure, includes hazards. Orthognathic surgery, on the other hand, is not a novel procedure; it has been performed for many years in offices and hospitals. As a result, it is usually thought to be safe.

Procedure for Recovery

You should not expect a speedy recovery. Several precautions and care must be paid for after having surgery. It might take months to recover. Immediately following surgery, patients typically feel swelling, bruising, and discomfort. It is vital to relax and ice the face on a regular basis to minimize swelling. For the first several weeks, the diet will consist of liquids and soft meals until the healing process is complete. Patients must also wear braces for many months following surgery to ensure that their teeth are correctly aligned.

Why Do I Need Surgical Orthodontics?

Aside from the dental health benefits, orthognathic surgery may boost your confidence. Symmetry is the most pleasing appearance to individuals. Our symmetry suffers when our teeth or jaws are misaligned—many persons who have had orthodontic treatment report higher self-esteem as a consequence. Aside from your teeth, other fears you may have can be easily rectified because they can enhance speech and breathing.

If you have any concerns about the risks or recovery period of orthognathic surgery, you should consult with your orthodontist before continuing. Peach Orthodontics in Post Falls, ID, will work closely with the surgeon who will carry out your procedure. They can work together to develop the best plan for you.

Even if the procedure is time-consuming, it may be profitable in the end. If you neglect your oral health, it may have an effect on other aspects of your body. If you believe you may need the services of an orthodontist or may benefit from surgical orthodontics, please get in touch with your respected local clinic as soon as possible.