What Causes Face Fat?

Face fat is usually defined as the accumulation of excess fatty tissues on the face giving it a chubbier, rounder and fuller appearance. Although, one might find chubby cheeks to be cute, for the one on a weight loss regime, losing fat from the face is a literal nightmare and unlike the body, you cannot camouflage or hide it under slimming clothes of different colour contrast or stripes.

The facial skeleton forms the fundamental framework for our face. It not only shapes the face but also supports the overlying soft tissues including the facial muscles and face fat. It is the face fat that acts as a filler and is highly significant in making the face look young and firm. But when this fat increases more than required, it makes one look aged.

According to health experts and cosmetologists, the main causative factor for face fat is water retention which occurs due to excessive intake of refined sugar and salt, consumption of packaged foods, following a high carb diet, alcohol, and stress. These triggers mainly weaken the facial ligaments whose primary job is to hold the facial pockets containing face fat in place. This in turn causes the face fat to relocate and ultimately giving one prominent fold and a double chin.

Worry not, we bring you a few natural ways that can reduce that troublesome double chin and puffy cheeks and bequeath you with a slimmer, sculpted face.

Wholesome Diet:

One significant way to lose face fat is to opt for a healthy well-balanced lifestyle consisting of fresh fruits and green veggies. Opt for a heavy protein-rich breakfast that keeps you energetic and satiates your hunger pangs for a long time. Refrain from taking sugar or salty items because these items are primary factors to increase sugar or salt levels in the blood and contribute to unwanted fat.

Up Your Water Intake:

Drinking ample quantities of water not only boosts your metabolism and removes toxins from the body but also refrains one from sudden snacking in between meals. Reduced intake of water on the other hand may trigger the body to store water in the body and cheeks indirectly contributing to face fat.

Get Quality Sleep:

One of the triggers of face fat is unwanted stress that generally happens due to increasing levels of cortisol hormone in the body which in turn takes place when a person is deprived of quality sleep. An increase in stress levels often has a negative psychological impact causing a person to eat at unusual times and increasing overall fat. So, try to get a peaceful, good night’s sleep as it helps the body burn fat at a faster pace.

Shed Excess Weight:

An increase in overall body weight often gives the face a fuller, puffier appearance. Incorporating regular workouts, adding cardio exercises, and weight training programs to the routine can not only promote overall weight loss but also improve body metabolism and show super-effective results in reducing overall body and face fat.