What Are a Few Signs That Show You Need to Replace Breast Implants in Beverly Hills?

Breast augmentation remains one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries in the USA and globally. Over time it has become easily available and has helped women regain confidence by reshaping their breasts.

However, not everyone prefers getting breast explant in Beverly Hills, nor is it the right choice for every female. Most females get implants at some signs of uneasiness around their breasts, while others only do it for cosmetic purposes.

You must be wondering why that is? The answer is not very complicated. You will learn more about it in today’s article because today we have covered several topics like who is an ideal candidate for breast augmentation and some signs that help you realize you need to replace your breast implants?

How long do these implants last?

Under normal conditions, a normal breast explant in Beverly Hills will last for around ten years or longer without any complications. Although, this number mainly depends on which implant you get, i.e., silicone implants or saline gel implants.

Saline gel implants tend to last more than silicone implants. Some women undergo several breast augmentations over their lifetime to ensure their breasts remain in the best shape possible.

Who is an ideal candidate for breast augmentation?

To get breast augmentation, the patient must meet several criteria, and these are explained below: –

  • The most important being, you should be in good physical health. You should not have any signs of cancerous cells, infections, or undergoing treatment for serious illnesses.
  • You feel your breasts are sagging, elongated and asymmetrical. Females who need to add volume to the breast also prefer breast augmentation.
  • You must quit drinking alcohol or smoking a week before the surgery.
  • You should be getting breast augmentation surgery to increase your happiness and confidence. You should not be getting it for someone else or under pressure from others.

What are some signs that show you need to replace your breast implants?

The signs that lead you to replace breast implants may be visible, or you might feel uneasiness around your breast. It might be because of a ruptured saline implant or any other reason.

No matter what, you must immediately contact your surgeon and ask for their expert opinion. However, some common signs for replacement are listed below: –

  • The implants have ruptured or deflated
  • You notice your breasts are now asymmetric
  • The implants become too firm and have lost their tenderness like before
  • One implant is sitting too high or low from the other
  • You feel unbearable pain, discomfort, and uneasiness around your breasts.

In some cases, the female also experiences symptoms associated with breast implant illness, which is completely different from the symptoms mentioned above. The common symptoms of breast implant illness are as follows: –

  • You face difficulty concentrating on your work
  • You feel your brain becomes foggy at the time
  • You experience chronic fatigue throughout the day
  • You have muscle ache and pain
  • It becomes difficult to catch a breath
  • Your skin around the breasts become sore and develop rashes around the body
  • You start losing hair, or your hair starts becoming thin

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, you must consult your surgeon, as they will diagnose the issue and treat you accordingly.

Wrapping up

Consult the experts from Dr. Daniel Barrett to learn more about breast augmentation and illness regarding breast implants.