Weed Growing Hacks: The Indoor Growing Journey

Hey buddy! I write to you with a lot of joy today. Do you know the kind of satiation that seeps in after a hard day’s work? The joy of finally eating your food after you prepared a large meal course? The sense of success that fills your heart when you receive your work payment? Okay! Okay! I will stop. You got the drift! I want to say that the joy of growing cannabis is the same.

I peeked into my growing room this morning. Another week and my plants will be ready to harvest, and the trichomes have just begun to turn amber. I thought today might be the right day to write to you about some hacks for the indoor growing journey. 

In this article, I will write some hacks that will make your indoor growing journey smoother. I use them in my growing journey to produce some top-shelf cannabis buds, and you will learn nuances that will help you enjoy the most exquisite, trichome-rich cannabis buds. Without further ado, Let’s begin.

Ditch the Regular Potting Soil: Go Organic

Healthy soil is important for your cannabis baby’s health. A normal potting soil won’t suffice the nutrient needs of marijuana. Prepare healthy living organic soil instead. As a result, you will enjoy fewer issues and get tastier buds.

Ensure that your oil is rich with the right amounts of aerator, nutrients, amendments, and compost. You can also use the pre-mixed kits specially designed for growing cannabis, and you can start with them and slowly understand your plant’s requirements.

You will eventually learn how to make the best quality living organic soil. Don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty, as the best soil will make your buds taste and smell divine.

Go For The Best Quality Cannabis Seeds

Seeds are the most important deciding factor in the quality of your final yield. Quality seeds that are hard to grow and have stable genetics ensure a good yield. Research well about the options available. Avoid settling for just any random seed. Pick your seed carefully based on the effects that you want from them.

If you use clones to grow your marijuana plants, select the clones with strong roots. Also, you need to understand the specific needs of the strain you are using.

It is best to buy your seeds from the best online sites or seed banks. They always sell strains with stabilized genetics and have detailed information about the requirements of every strain.

I prefer getting my seeds from i49 as they have the widest range of great strains, and their germination rate is pretty high.

Take Care To Ensure Proper Temperature And Humidity In Your Grow Room

You should always pay attention to the relative humidity and temperature levels of growing cannabis plants. Each stage requires different relative humidity and temperature levels. Always make sure that these do not fluctuate, else your plants might suffer a lot.

When the plant is in the seedling stage, you should ensure a relative humidity of 60%, and for the first two weeks, the temperature range should be about 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. In their vegetative phase, the adult marijuana plants would thrive at 80 degrees with 55% moisture in the air.

Provide Adequate Carbon Dioxide

Co2 transpiration is an important part of the cannabis biological process, and they impact how a marijuana plant soaks in light and turns them into energy. Therefore, you must have an abundant supply of CO2 in your grow room.

 If you don’t get sufficient CO2, you can increase the light intensity to increase the CO2 levels. However, this can also get tricky because if the distance between the plant and the light is not appropriate, the plant will not grow well or might suffer a light burn.

Ensure Availability Of Proper Nutrients

If you want dense, trichome-rich, sweet-smelling, dense marijuana buds, you should provide the correct amount of nutrients for every growth stage. Pay attention to the number of nutrients at all stages, especially during the flowering phase.

The nutrient should be low on nitrogen during the flowering phase and high in phosphorus and potassium. Many available marijuana nutrients are high in nitrogen, which is good for the vegetative stage, but more nitrogen will cause the plant to produce littler buds in the flowering stage.

There Should Be Enough Space And Airflow Around Your Cannabis Babies

To make the buds grow to their fullest potential, you must ensure no restrictions and ensure proper spacing around the buds. Take care of any stems or branches that cut the light source.

Low-stress training methods are best in this case as you can bend the plant to produce more light, and you don’t even need to cut them.

Fans and filters in the room would allow you to ensure a great airflow. It would be best if you always cared to ventilate the stale air around the room.

Prune The Plants At The Right Time 

Cutting parts of the plant is also necessary. Right pruning guarantees excellent yields as it allows the plant to manage the nutrition to produce bigger buds effectively. You must bring your pruning scissors to prune away the soft and small buds in the vegetative phase.

 Once you do so, the plant would automatically produce lesser but denser and larger buds. Take care not to prune when the plant enters the flowering stage because, in such cases, the plant does not recover from the pruning.

Use A Right Sized Container

Many growers think that large containers facilitate better plant growth, and this is not true. Medium-sized containers are more appropriate for growing marijuana. When the plant grows in a medium-sized container, it can use all the nutrient resources available. The container has no new soil. They also provide adequate space for root development which a medium-sized container provides. If the root does not develop well, you won’t get good yields.

Support Your Plant

You need to support your cannabis plants to facilitate good development. Use a net, stake, or cage to grow your cannabis plants.

This is important as most marijuana plants have stems that are not strong enough to hold up dense, fat, heavy buds.

Ensure Proper Kind Of Lights

Light determines the bud’s quality and influences how fast and how big the plant will grow. Many new growers use common household lights as they are cheap and readily available. However, these are not sufficient for the marijuana plants, and they lead to the plant producing smaller, less potent buds.

For the best daylight support, go for fluorescent, LED, high-pressure sodium (HPS), or metal halide (MH). Full-spectrum LED grow lights with adjustable wavelengths are the most appropriate ones as you can change the intensity depending upon the growth phase. These LEDs are also durable and energy-efficient.

Harvest Them At The Correct Time

Resist the temptation to harvest your plants when you start noticing the buds getting fatter, and your grow room starts filling up with the sweet marijuana smell. Harvest them only after checking the trichomes with a magnifying glass. When the resin-like trichomes on the buds look more cloudy than clear with amber hues, they are ready to be harvested.

Always dry and cure the buds well after harvesting. These processes ensure that your buds stay bacteria and mold-free for a long time, and they also increase the taste and aroma. If you fail to harvest them at the right time, the buds will turn bitter and smell bad.

Summing Up

I hope the above hacks have given you an insight into the process of growing marijuana indoors, and you use them to harvest a potent batch.

The journey of cannabis growing is all about being patient and observant.

 Once I started getting the process, I started enjoying it. As I treat the plants with much love, care, and attention, they grow well and give me great buds. I hope you develop such kinship with your marijuana babies. Have Fun! Bye!