Tips to cope with social distancing and work from home amidst Covid lockdown

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  1. Count your blessing and embrace work from home

    While the COVID outbreak has devastated millions of people world over, costing millions of lives, leaving millions of people jobless, still many of us are fortunate to work from home in spite of lockdown. It may be challenging at times especially with the isolation due to social distancing and lockdown. This social distancing may be cause for boredom, but this is the time to pull ourselves up and embrace this privilege of remote working.

  2. Maintain a Routine
  3. Plan for the day, split time for most productive work around your most productive time to time with team meeting & video conferencing and personal matters. Stick to a plan, paste a reminder scheduler on your desk. Also communicate your schedule and work hours with your family, roommates, siblings, parents & spouse.

  4. Set Up a Small Office Home Office A dedicated personalized work space with no distractions and a comfortable chair preferably ergonomic friendly or adjusted to comfort. Alternatively move your desk by a window if it offers you view of scenic beauty, garden, etcEnsure there’s proper lighting and ventilation with the comfort of an air cooler or AC. Lighter shades of blue and green color drapes,paintings or lighting tends to generate a relaxing ambience, while yellowish and orange with a tint of red shades tends to render a mood of fun and energy.You may want to have a plant next to your desk, or a goldfish bowl or pet next to your desk to break the monotony and boredom. Try different refreshments such as chocolate drink, coffee, smoothies, coolers, etc
  5. Music Is A Great Stress RelieverPlay some soft music which helps you ease the stress or the kind of music that drives you and depending on the mood.
  6. Plan & take breaks accordingly or when needed.
  7. Take short breaks during which relax your eyes, do quick stretches and roll of your neck, shoulders, hands, back and legs. Go for a walk outside or catch up some ‘sunshine’ Vitamin D, which is not only a mood elevator but also immunity booster. Spend some quality fun time with family, pets, etc Darts, indoor golf, paper planes, stressbusters, bouncing ball off the wall, etc Share non-work related things with the team during lunch and tea break times. Have a Virtual breakfast, lunch or dinner, Virtual happy hour video hangout with some fun activities or some standup comedy. Try some Virtual backgrounds & ‘Snapcamera’ filters on Zoom video.
  8. Have virtual fun with team post work hours or over weekends Setup a home studio with video conferencing, watch parties, standup comedy acts, or even favorite music concerts or sporting events recordings. Online fun parties / drink / karaoke / dance / online gaming / virtual workout/ etc Idea is be creative and have variety of fun activities
  9. Happy Foods Eat foods that make you happy and boost your mood, such as beans, chicken, eggs, fish, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, walnuts, almonds, berries, bananas, pineapples, yogurt, dark chocolate, coffee, etc
  10. Eat Immunity Boosting Foods
  11. You may consider taking natural immunity boosting supplements
  12. Stay Active & Exercise
  13. Exercise not only helps maintain physical health but also one’s mental health. Move around, walk, do some stretching, etc whatever works best for you to reduce stress and boost feel good endorphins. Get creative and explore virtual group fitness, etc.
  14. Take Adequate Rest & Sleep
  15. Upskill yourself by taking online courses.
  16. Stay HydratedTake plenty of fluids, including water, healthy beverages like and green tea, etc
  17. Stay PositiveMeditation, affirmations, visualization, listening to uplifting music and watching inspirational movies may help strengthen your spirit of positivity.
  18. Above all follow a healthy lifestyle with these health and fitness tips and articles.
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