The Various Marijuana Consumption Methods

Shopping should always be a pleasurable experience, regardless of what you are searching for. When you visit Kaya Connection in Parksville, BC, to acquire cannabis products, you receive more than just pot. You also learn about the products you buy. Some individuals believe that all cannabis is the same and that it makes no difference how you take it. This, however, is not the case. Various strategies can provide different outcomes. No two people are identical, and neither are their consuming habits.

Some products generate a stronger high than others, while some require a lower dosage. If you have any queries regarding our items, please get in touch with us before making a purchase. They will determine which option is best.


You may get the following goods from Kaya Connection to aid you with your cannabis needs:


For many, this is the preferred way. Cannabis flowers, which are often broken up with a grinder, can be savored in various ways. This is the kind of cannabis that most people are familiar with, whether you want to roll it in a joint, smoke it via a bong, or use a vaporizer. It’s also for a good purpose. This approach has quick results and can endure for several hours.


You can even drink cannabis, believe it or not! From water and tea to sodas, you’re sure to discover your favorite beverage with a THC, CBD, or both boost! The effects of beverages might take some time to be felt by the consumer. The onset time might range from immediate to 4 hours, with a maximum duration of 12 hours.


Regarding THC oils in Parksville, BC, Kaya Connection is the finest option. Cannabis oil mixes cannabis extract and carrier oil to generate a liquid. For a smokeless experience, sublingually enter the desired amount beneath the tongue, swallow, or add the desired amount to your favorite cuisine. Oils, on the other hand, need a high level of accuracy, which is why a dropper is typically used. The benefits of oils last around 12 hours but might take up to two hours to begin.


If accuracy isn’t your thing, a cannabis pill may be closer to your liking. Cannabis oil is blended with carrier oil and coated in gelatin in a capsule. Because they are created with exact THC/CBD dosages, capsules are an excellent method to begin using cannabis. Capsules are an easy method to take cannabis oil. The effects start in half an hour and continue for about 12 hours.


Do you want to eat your marijuana? That is made possible through edibles! Edibles combine cannabis distillate with high-quality ingredients to create a delicious smokeless way to consume cannabis. We provide a large selection of sweets, such as gummies, chews, and chocolate. We recommend starting with one edible and waiting a few hours to observe when the benefits kick in.

These are just a few of the various applications of cannabis. More solutions are being discovered as time passes and more people get acquainted with them. Topical creams, dabs, and sprays are all common ways to consume cannabis.

Choosing the Best Approach

Consumption techniques, as previously said, are not one-size-fits-all. Finally, the ideal eating strategy is the one that best meets your requirements and preferences. We will not, however, leave you in the dark. If you have a query regarding a technique or strain of cannabis and its effects, the Kaya Connection staff will gladly assist you. Don’t worry if you’ve never gone to a dispensary before! The staff can provide you with further advice to ensure that your first experience is memorable.

At Kaya Connection, you will discover that our cannabis assortment is one-of-a-kind, just like you! Allow us to assist you in locating the appropriate strain and accessories now.