The Efficacy Of Listerine To Treat Several Oral Problems 

Everyone wants to smell good. When they talk to the other person, they would be specifically concerned about their bad breath. This has been the primary reason why mouthwash companies make the most of their sales. These companies would make a fortune with their sales. Listerine has been a top-rated product for a significant length of time. People have been using Listerine mouthwash to evade lousy breath issues. The dental association has recognized and licensed the product for its efficacy in removing lousy mouth odor. 

A Wide Variety Of Flavors 

Listerine has been made available in various flavors to suit your specific needs. However, the most common and popular flavor is variations of mint. It would not be wrong to suggest that citrus flavor and formulations come equipped with ingredients for tooth whitening and tartar control. You could carry a small Listerine spray bottle in your pocket for any use. 

Benefits Of Using Listerine 

It would be worth mentioning here that this time-tested product has various benefits to offer – 

  • Competency To Kill Oral Bacteria Effectively 
  • Help Reduce The Plaque Buildup 
  • Helps In The Prevention Of Gingivitis 

Rest assured that Listerine has become one of the top products worldwide for treating oral problems. 

What Does Listerine Include? 

Active ingredients of Listerine would include menthol, methyl salicylate, eucalyptol, and thymol. Despite the product’s efficacy, it does not contain chlorine dioxide, cetylpyridinium chloride, chlorhexidine, or any other chemicals commonly found in other mouthwash brands. 

However, Listerine contains one inactive ingredient of concern – alcohol. Rest assured that the alcohol in Listerine has been added to dissolve the other available ingredients and aid the penetration of oral plaque on the teeth. It would serve the primary purpose in a Listerine spray. 

Does Alcohol In Listerine Has Any Ill Effects 

The presence of alcohol in Listerine tends to dry out the tissues in your mouth. It would not be conducive to saliva, the leading natural defense system against the overgrowth of bacteria causing bad breath. If you have a dry or malodorous mouth, it would be recommended that you should avoid mouthwashes along with other oral products containing alcohol. 

Despite the issues with alcohol being valid, Listerine mouthwash has gained immense popularity worldwide as an effective remedy for oral problems. However, it would be recommended to use the product a few times a day to avoid dryness in the mouth.