TejKholi & Ruit Eye Foundation: A Walk towards Social & Economic Change

Two individuals from two different parts of the world, Europe and South Asia, joined hands on a mission to change society and improve the economy of the developing nations by helping the poor. If you have been thinking they are into donating money to uplift the status of the people, you are wrong.

As visionaries, Mr. Kohli and Dr. Ruit have a better and more sustainable plan to help the people by curing 500,000 needless cataract blindness by 2026. The dup formed the Tej Kohli &Ruit Foundation and has so far cured 16,721 blindness and screened 142,033 patients.

The Foundation is not Mr. Kohli’s first outing in the world of philanthropy. The man has been known for his works that help others and is also an angel investor. There are many of Tej Kohli’s charitable works, which also include Kohli’s Cornea Institute in India. As a visionary, Mr. Kohli understands that congenital blindness and cataracts in developing nations among the poor are curable ailments. Since blindness is often associated with stigma in these regions, the people are suffering result in them falling further into the pits of poverty. Curing them is one of the best ways to bring them out of the situation, eventually improving the economic standard of the person and the community.

Joining Tej Kohli’s noble work is Dr. Sanduk Ruit, well known among his patients as ‘Lord of sight.’ He still performs eye surgeries, giving back vision to the people. There are many instances when patients have lost hope of seeing again, but they got their vision back because of Dr. Ruit.

So, after passing six decades on this earth, these two men have taken up new ventures and challenges. From the inception of the Foundation, they have walked a long way to help and build the communities that are often out of reach of general people. But these two ambitious and committed men believe it is still a long road ahead before they meet their own expectations. Mr. Kohli and Dr. Ruit are building a legacy that will change the lives of the people and the world.