Some of the Most Common Orthodontic Issues

Orthodontic work entails more than just straightening teeth. There are several dental issues that may be corrected with the use of braces. Almost no one is born with beautiful teeth or a flawless smile, but there is a treatment option for people of all ages. Many people pick Dressler Orthodontics’ clinics when they need an orthodontist in Tennessee to help with one of the following issues:


An underbite occurs when the lower jaw extends further out than the upper jaw, forcing the lower front teeth to sit over the front top teeth.

An overbite, on the other hand, is the opposite condition, with the upper section of the jaw expanding further. This can result in significant harm, such as the bottom front teeth hurting the roof of the mouth—those who overbite may also suffer from incisor injury.


Dental stratification and uneven jaw development can occur when the top teeth rest within the lower teeth. Patients frequently shift their lower jaw forward or to the side when shutting their mouth. Many people who have a crossbite also have facial asymmetry.


Those with open bites need help eating correctly since their teeth do not overlap as they should. This condition is frequent in youngsters and involves symptoms such as thumb sucking and tongue thrashing.


Spacing is a condition that many people associate with orthodontists. It can be caused by a large jaw or by missing teeth. Crowding, on the other hand, occurs when there is insufficient jaw space, causing your teeth to be too close together. Crowding makes it difficult to adequately clean teeth, which can lead to cavities and deterioration.

Protrusion of the Upper Teeth

Overbite in which the upper teeth protrude into the palate is known as top teeth retrusion. This can be caused by the same issues as an open bite, such as thumb sucking or sucking a pacifier for an extended period of time as a newborn.

Outstanding Dental Midlines

A dental midline is a hypothetical line that runs vertically across the teeth. Dentists and orthodontists use it to determine if your teeth are in the proper positions. When aligning teeth or planning dental procedures, it is utilized as a guideline. If these lines do not match, jaw and dental function may be compromised.

Where Can I Get Orthodontic Assistance?

To address these issues, people seek out an orthodontist who can fit them with braces that are certain to improve their smile and raise their self-confidence. Dressler Orthodontics’ clinics are glad to offer Tennessee individuals in need of such dental treatment. Those interested in their services can go to their clinics in Chattanooga, Singal Mountain, or South Pittsburg, TN.

Orthodontists do more than straighten teeth. They can help prevent more tooth issues as you mature. If you have one of these issues, call your local orthodontist to have them examine you, even if you are unclear if it is affecting the way you eat or care for your dental health.