Protecting Your Loved Ones: Staying Healthy During Summertime

As the sun starts to come out and you begin making plans to travel, play outside, and have barbeques, it’s important to remember that we all must take care of our health during the summer months. Summertime means vacation and fun in the sun. Still, it can also mean more opportunities for your family to get sick from contaminated food, swimming in dirty water and allergies. Take these steps before your family goes on their summer vacation to prevent illness, reduce downtime, and enjoy your time off with family and friends this summer!

1.   Have a Local Contact for First Line of Healthcare

Having a local contact for the first line of healthcare is essential to maintaining your family’s health. Having a professional on speed dial or other contact details makes it easier to get in touch with someone who can help you before it’s too late. Many people forget about this critical requirement and find themselves taking too long to seek medical assistance, probably making the condition worse than the original issue.

Making sure that you’ve emergency phone numbers saved, a list of doctors nearby, and a local pharmacy should be one of your top priorities when starting the summer vacation season. Such professionals can also help you with a preventative care plan and tips to stay healthy during the summertime.

2.   Stay Hydrated

Drink water! It helps your body stay hydrated and keeps you feeling full for longer.

Start the day with a glass of water; it will help wake up your digestive system and eliminate toxins from the night before. However, keep track of how much you drink throughout the day; too much can make you visit the bathroom more often than necessary.

Excess water intake can cause nausea or, even worse, water intoxication. It’s, therefore, advisable to be watchful of how much liquids your children are consuming and ensure they don’t overindulge in fluids. That is because kids have smaller stomachs, so they don’t need as many liquids as adults. Give them healthy beverages such as fruit juice or sparkling water instead of sugary sodas. Electrolyte drinks will replenish lost salts from sweat due to the heat and help maintain the proper pH levels.

3.   Wear Sunscreen and Protective Clothing

Wearing sunscreen and protective clothing is the most important thing you can do to protect your skin and prevent skin cancer. Putting g a hat with a wide brim, like the women’s straw beach hat, will also help protect your face, ears, neck, and shoulders. Ensure you apply sunscreen every two hours or more often if you have been sweating or in the water.

It would help if you also reapply after being in the water as it washes off some of the protection. A suitable SPF is crucial because you want one that offers UVB and UVA coverage. Look for an SPF 30 or higher on sunscreens with broad spectrum coverage for UVA and UVB protection. Avoid direct sunlight when possible, especially when there is high ozone pollution.

4.   Eat Lots of Colorful Fruits and Vegetables

For a healthy lifestyle, eat lots of different fruits and vegetables. Eat some fruit or vegetable per day for a healthy summer! Vegetables are often overlooked but just as crucial as other food groups regarding healthy eating.

Keep a stock of fruits and vegetables in your fridge so you can snack on them any time during the day. They will help to boost your immune system. Fruits are also excellent sources of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that can prevent colds and reduce the risk of stroke. Eating fresh foods instead of canned foods will also make sure you get more nutrients than if you were eating processed foods.

5.   Talk, Play and Have Fun Together

Another crucial factor in keeping your family healthy is spending time together and watching out for each other. Children will be active when they play outside or participate in activities with their parents. Start a family tradition that your whole family can enjoy, like playing soccer in the backyard or riding a bike together. Always ensure you encourage healthy eating and only occasional sweety and junky foods. You can also include an exercise session, exercising at least 30 minutes daily.

Encourage children to do chores around the house and be active to avoid slowing down their body metabolism, which can cause problems with blood sugar levels. Involve all family members and ensure everyone has time daily to care for themselves. Laughter helps you fight off stress, enabling you to stay healthy and remember to take a nap too!


It’s crucial to ensure you keep your families physically and emotionally safe. By being proactive, you can spend more time enjoying summer activities with your family and less time worrying about their physical health. Contacting a reliable health professional like a pharmacist or physician is essential to get quick advice on any potential problems or illnesses and easy access to medications. If you take the necessary healthcare measures, you can have fun with your family this summer.