Problems Caused By Dodgy Eyelids And How To Solve Them?

Characterization of inner eyelids is done especially among Asian eyes, because here there is tendency for the upper eyelid to be thick eyelids, sagging eyelids, falling eyelids, these kinds of eyelids are considered dodgy eyelids and they tend to reduce confidence among people and results increase in use of makeup which is not healthy. That is why people consider double eyelids surgery, which is a service provided by Lovely eye & skin clinic. This surgery does provide an individual with beautiful eyes, and also works on elimination sagging eyelids and excess fat around eyelids.

A single eyelid dodging is caused by eyelids falling from sagging eyelids and thick eyelid fat. Double eyelid dodging is caused by fat of eyelids or muscles weakness of eyelids which makes eyelids invisible. Double dodgy eyelids cause many problems such as, smaller looking eyes which are not bright, eyes look uneven, vision is affected, it is hard to put on makeup, pricking of the eyes is caused by eyelashes. Now there are ways to fix double dodgy eyelids with the help of non-surgical ways, for double eyelids stickers can be sticked, an eye reborn signature program is provided by lovely clinic. Through surgery, double dodgy eyelids can be corrected by, excess eyelid decoration for double eyelids, pulling of the talivator muscles. 

At lovely Eye & Skin Clinic Double Eyelid is treated with specific technique, passed from generation to generation, combining techniques from Korea and eye surgery experience of 12 years, the double dodgy eye surgery developed with rice doctor technique. Analysing eye problems, designing a shape for the eye which suits the person’s face, reduction in blood loss during surgery are positive factors of this surgery. Before the surgery there are certain preparations required, food items that which provide contribution to body repairs must be consumed, fish meat, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, fruits and vegetables, these elements help in relieving pain and inflammation after surgery. Smoking must be avoided to reduce infection and slow healing process of wounds. Reduction in anxiety is required, it is important to relax and rest well before surgery. 

After the double eyelid treatment, swelling and inflammation must be avoided to heal the wound faster, doctors’ advice must be taken. Sleeping with a high pillow for first 2 nights is important, cold compressions after first 1-3 days of surgery is important, warm compressions after 6th day of surgery is important, items with fermentation such as chicken must be avoided for about 3 weeks, regular medication and cleaning of wound is a strict necessity, for smooth recovery smooth workout must be lightened.