Outpatient Freedom From Hope Harbor Wellness Will Bring Support and Routine to Your Life!

Hope Harbor Wellness Professionals run all our programs in recovery for people in recovery. The best way to show you how we know what you are going through, is to be a part of it with you. Hope Harbor Wellness has many programs to offer those in need, and our partial hospitalization in Hiram, GA, is the most intensive route outpatient treatment plan for mental health and addiction patients. When you come to Hope Harbor Wellness for help, you will get that!

Enjoy Your Independence with Partial Hospitalization in Hiram, GA

If you are in need of a program where you are held accountable but still live your daily life, Hope Harbor Wellness has options for you. Our partial hospitalization (PHP) programs are outpatient treatments and allow you to follow the routine five days a week with our full support to live your daily life. This program is a short-term, intense recovery program that helps you find ways to navigate your symptoms.

PHP allows you the freedom of everyday life with the structure of an inpatient program. The amount of time you decide to put into your PHP recovery program will depend on each patient’s treatment needs. We recommend this program for those with mild to moderate substance disorders or patients who have completed an inpatient program and who are ready to step out into the world again.

Treatment You Can Count On

When you or someone you love expresses interest in finding a recovery program, Hope Harbor Wellness is here to help. We want you to know how helpful our partial hospitalization programs are and how positive patients can feel from a few days in a program. We will work with them in therapy, individual counseling, and other activities to keep their minds busy. The skills you can learn and new things to try are endless because maintaining active patients is what helps. Believe your journey is essential, and you will know you made the right choice! Make the change for you and let everyone else be impressed by what you can do.

You will spend five to seven hours, four to five days, per week with us, depending on your progress. We have several programs for you to choose from, and they all have an incredible success rate! Our patients are our top priority, and we enjoy making them feel welcome and comfortable in any way we can!

Is PHP The Right Path for You? Contact Us Today!

The day you decide to join a program is when you make a better life for yourself. When you sign up for a partial hospitalization in Hiram, GA, you start your journey to a better future. The many benefits these programs provide will only show you the positives of a recovery program and how much better you will feel once you complete your program.

Patients reach out to our treatment providers for many reasons, but we hope you feel confident enough to trust Hope Harbor Wellness and let us guide you through the process of helping you feel better about tomorrow!