Karing Kind LLC: The Perfect Place to Get Marijuana in Boulder, CO

At Karing Kind, LLC, we are locally grown and locally owned. Our cannabis in Boulder, CO selection offers a wide selection, so you can choose what works best for you. From CBD to concentrates to edibles and more, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at our dispensary.

Who Is Karing Kind LLC?

Karing Kind LLC has served the Boulder community for more than ten years now, offering top-notch customer service and quality products. At Karing Kind LLC, we work hard to provide only the finest and cleanest cannabis extracts. We begin with quality cannabis is grown using organic practices and materials. Our products do not include synthetic pesticides at any point.

For pure, naturally extracted cannabis oil, we employ clean CO2 (carbon dioxide) rather than toxic solvents like butane, propane, or pentane. Our cutting-edge, health-conscious process yields top-shelf extracts that maintain the distinctive terpene profile of the original strain while offering our devoted consumers pure and reliable cannabis products.

It is our goal to maintain a high-quality process and product every step of the way, offering you an array of options for every situation. Additionally, we want our customers to enjoy the distinct flavor and effects of each strain. Therefore, we created our own exclusive vape technology to give the purest experience possible.

With our small-batch cannabis oil extraction, we can provide cannabis connoisseurs with new and difficult-to-find strains they adore, from classics like Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purp to cutting-edge crosses like Blue Herer, Lilac Crack, and Free Star Chem.

Visiting Our Shop

You might have never been to a dispensary before and may have a few questions or feel nervous about it. That is all very understandable. The stigma around marijuana is still pretty strong, but you are dealing with a team of capable hands at Karing Kind LLC.

In order to buy from us, you must be 21 years or older with a US Government issued photo ID or Visa. With this, you are able to buy up to one ounce of marijuana or its equivalent.

Karing Kind LLC Products

We offer a variety of products for you to choose from. At Karing Kind LLC, we grow and utilize 90% of the flower used in our inventory. This provides us with the ability to offer you strains you can’t find anywhere else. When browsing our selection, you will see the THC percentage, as well as what tier the strain falls under and a small history of the product. This information provides you with the ability to make educated selections when purchasing.

Beyond a wide selection of strains, we also offer CBD extracts, edibles, and tinctures. We have a range of in-house concentrates for you to choose from as well as daily deals to take advantage of when you want to try something new.

Our edible choices vary from chocolates to gummies. We even offer edibles with low to zero-calorie options for those watching sugar or who are on a diet.

Our menu will make your mouth water with the variety and captivating flavors, whether you want something fruity or something rich. Without a doubt, you will find a few items to add to your favorites list.

Shopping With Karing Kind LLC

If you are new to our dispensary, take advantage of our daily specials. We have the lowest tax rate in Colorado, plus we offer military and industry discounts. In addition to the daily dispensary deals in Boulder, CO, we offer a happy hour deal, the strain of the week, and our budtender’s choice. Make sure to follow us on social media, so you’re alerted to everything we have to offer.