Is a watermelon diet important to health?

Well, from what I know as someone who is a long-time member of the watermelon industry, I have to say that this is what you have been looking for if you wanted to understand watermelon in consideration to your health.

If by any chance, you are here to get diet tips on overweight reduction, have high blood pressure, and wanted to know the input of watermelon in the process you are in the right place. For the overweight tip, here is a startup conversation for you; a watermelon diet is a diet consisting of only watermelon that claims to speed up weight loss and cleanse your body.

Watermelon  vitamins

If you mean eating nothing else but watermelon for a long period, it’s yes watermelon has a lot of vitamins and has little proteins or fats in it.

Watermelon proteins

Watermelons only have about 6 grams of proteins per kilogram. Since you need about 60 grams per day, that means you will be required to eat about 10 kilograms of watermelon to achieve this. This is per day which for me, is quite too much. In the process, you won’t have to worry about drinking anything since 1o kilograms of watermelon consists of about 9 liters of water.

Watermelon sugar

As shown above, when you eat about 10 kilograms of watermelon, which is also about 9 liters of water, you will have ingested to your body 600 grams of sugar. In reality, this is much more than what a normal person should consume in a day. The fact is you will be well on your way to taxing your system to get type II diabetes.

Watermelon in overweight

Yes overweight, you have heard it right. As previously talked about assuming you eat 2 watermelons a day will amount to daily consumption of about 1000 calories. Assuming that also you are metabolic average, you will burn about 1 kilogram in a week and 4 kilograms in a month.

Watermelon in a keto diet

If you know you are on a low-calorie keto diet, then it is advisable to avoid fruits. However, if you are able and believe in yourself that you can manage those carbs within the range by keeping a watermelon diet, then go ahead. Even you can have chocolate in the keto diet if you can restrict overall carbs below that range.

Now the question is, can I choose watermelon while on diet?

Watermelon as discussed above is known for low caloric density because it has a high amount of water and fiber, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Therefore watermelon is an excellent and a must-go choice for anyone regardless of whether or not they are on diet.

Watermelon and coconut water also is great at hydrating the body. They are rich in electrolytes that can reduce stress, and high blood pressure, lower muscle tension and improve heart health.

In conclusion, even though there are no foods for diabetes, some foods are more recommended than others. With 92 % of water, watermelon is a favorite alongside apples in the treatment of type II diabetes.