How to Qualify for a Medical CBD Card in Tennessee

Cannabis has become one of the top treatments for certain conditions and side effects linked to certain medications used to treat your condition. However, cannabis is not legal in every state and can only be accessed if you have a medical card that allows you to purchase from a dispensary. Is CBD legal in Tennessee, and how do you go about getting a medical card to purchase products for treatment? Here at Hemp Connect, we can answer these questions for you and more to help make your journey to getting treatment a much smoother process.

Is CBD Legal in Tennessee?

Many patients wonder how they will receive treatment if the options that they have been presented with are illegal. However, if your doctor recommends CBD products to you as a treatment, then you are in luck because it is legal to use hemp-derived CBD oil in Tennessee. CBD products became legal to use in the state of Tennessee in 2018 following the Farm Bill. This federal law allows consumers to purchase the products as long as they are above the age of eighteen. If you are searching for something that is marijuana-derived CBD, then you will need to be issued a medical card to purchase and use it and are only allowed a certain quantity of the product.

If you are looking to treat a condition with cannabis in the state of Tennessee, there are certain exceptions due to it being illegal for both medicinal and recreational purposes. One exception is for patients who experience seizures and are allowed to use CBD products that have a high-CBD but low-THC cannabis oil involved in the product. Other than this exception, the possession of cannabis is considered a misdemeanor.

How to Obtain a Medical CBD Card

If you are looking to treat your condition or a side effect due to a medication that you take for your condition by using marijuana-derived CBD, then you will need to fill out a request form for a medical card. The process for receiving a medical card can be quite extensive as you will have to receive approval from your doctor and have one of the following conditions that qualify for the card. Certain conditions that will qualify you for a medical card include:

  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s
  • ALS
  • Sickle Cell

Other than having one of the qualifying conditions listed, you will also have to be a legal resident of Tennessee and provide documentation such as a valid driver’s license or state idea. You will also need to include an official certified copy of your application that has been filled out by a doctor located in the state of Tennessee. It’s vital to be aware of the process and any laws or regulations that are involved when it comes to obtaining a medical card because they may change at any time.

Connect With Your Local CBD Store

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