Here’s How To Pick The Right Size Baby Blanket And Why It Is Important


A baby blanket is a famous blessing for babies since it is beneficial and protects them from cold weather and keeps them safe and cozy. Still, with various lengths accessible in the shops, how do you select the exact length of an infant covering? Coverings that are extremely large or tiny may be uneasy for infants. When giving a blanket to your baby, it is important to keep a few protection safeguards in mind. For instance, baby coverings are not recommended for infants under 1 year old because of the considerable danger of SIDS among infants referring to this age group. 

Read this article to know the in-depth details about how to pick the right size baby blanket, and why it is important to choose the perfect length.

When is the right time to introduce a blanket to your infant? 

First thing first, when you are thinking of giving your baby some extra love and care by giving them a cozy blanket that you have made from your own hands or thinking of making one, you have to keep some criteria in your mind before doing so: 

  1. Make sure your baby is at least 12 months old or more because only after 1 year of age an infant starts having full control of its head. Newborns do not have any control over their heads and thus it’s always recommended to avoid giving them such things which can go out of their control when they try to move their body or head. 
  2. Don’t buy or make very lengthy baby blankets by thinking that they can use them when they grow up. This is highly prohibited by pediatrics because giving your 1-year-old long blankets can increase the chance of getting them choked when they pull it on their nose or mouth. 
  3. Always stay around your baby when they are sleeping with a blanket on. It is recommended because babies are inclined to be sleepless and wake up so easily. When they wake up and no adult is around them they start chewing the blanket. And this can lead to severe health issues for the newborn. 

How to pick the right size baby blankets? 

Choosing the right size baby blanket online is very important when you are giving a covering to your infant. Giving a very short blanket can make them feel cold at night because they tend to move their legs here and there. On the other hand, giving a very long blanket can also increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), so to avoid facing these circumstances buying a proper size blanket becomes very important. 

But how to know what is the right size for your baby because babies are of different sizes so it’s quite difficult to select the right size from the chart given by the seller. There is an easy way you can select the right size for your infant – take out a measuring tape and measure the size of your baby from head to toe. Then ask for 2-3 size larger blankets from their actual size. But if you still don’t get the desired length buy a large blanket and give it to the tailor to adjust it with your desired size and cut off the rest. So it is simple and easy to pick the right size blanket for your infant. 

Why is it so important to pick the right size blanket for your baby? 

A tinier covering your baby feels cold at midnight when the temperature of the human body and atmosphere decreases, on the contrary, a bigger than expected length covering has its hazards which you have already read above. 

  1. You should not utilize huge, very soft baby blankets near your infant. There is a possibility that your newborn can grab the sheet on their nose and mount and get gagged.
  2. Giving a large covering to your infant similarly obstructs their activities and motivates them to wiggle inside the blankets.

Parenting is a tough job but this journey is so beautiful and adventurous at times. New mommies would have to face so many ups and downs during this time and one of the most popular downs is choosing the right size baby blanket for their little ones. But not anymore, read this article written above to know in-depth details on how to pick up the perfect blanket. Hopefully, this article will help you to make the right and ideal decision for your little princess or prince.