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Tips to cope with social distancing and work from home amidst Covid lockdown

Amidst the increasing number of Covid-19 infection cases, there seems to be an anxiety that’s brewing among people. Here are tips and safety precautions on how to stay fit and healthy during coronavirus. 

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How To Survive Heatwave: Top 10 Tips To Beat Hot Summer Heat

Summer Heat Here are top 10 safety tips to keep you cool during harsh and hot summer and protect you from heatwave. Avoid going out during peak hours : Stay out of sun especially between 10am and 3pm. If travel is unavoidable, plan it before 10am or post 5pm.


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How to Protect Yourself from COVID. Tips to Survive Coronavirus

Here are some covid prevention tips and safety precautions to boost immunity stay fit and healthy during coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

  • Social Distancing: Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

    Avoid unnecessary travel and crowded places as much as possible. Try working from home if you can. Even if you are compelled to travel and move in public places, maintain social distancing as much as you can, ensuring you wear masks as long as you are among people.

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