Heal fast with varicose vein stockings

Varicose veins are defective veins in the legs that are twisted and enlarged and lie near the skin surface. Varicose vein stockings are compression stockings that form non-surgical treatment for the varicose veins. Compression stockings are effective enough which facilitates even distribution of blood pressure in the thighs and legs.

Varicose vein stockings are elastic stockings worn in the legs to reduce leg pain. They gently sit on the legs to promote blood circulation. With increased blood flow, the chances of blood clotting are reduced which helps to treat swelling in the legs. Here is a quick guide to varicose vein stockings and their benefits.

Benefits of using the right varicose vein stockings:

Doctors strictly recommend varicose vein stockings for individuals suffering from chronic numbness and pain in the legs. Wear compression stockings for 8-10 hours a day to develop adequate blood circulation to reduce leg pain. The following are a few benefits of wearing varicose vein stockings:

  • They reduce the risk of developing serious leg problems like blood pooling in varicose veins.
  • They offer significant relief from the leg pain, heaviness and numbness of the varicose veins.
  • They efficiently reduce any swelling and inflammation of the legs. 
  • Varicose vein stockings can act against venous ulcers and deep vein thrombosis, which refers to blood clots inside the veins. 
  • The compression stockings are good for maintaining high blood pressure on the walls of the veins. Thus, they are good for developing venous hypertension.
  • Varicose vein stockings provide external support to the veins to push blood to the heart.
  • They prevent us from lightheadedness due to poor blood circulation in the lower part of the body.

How to choose the right varicose vein stockings? 

The severity of your pain determines the types of compression stockings you need. If you are suffering from a severe condition of varicose veins, try to use varicose vein stockings that provide maximum compression. Identifying the right kind of pressure range is very crucial for treating different levels of varicose veins. The following factors are important in determining the right kind of compression stockings. They are:

  • Size of the stockings:

Varicose vein stockings come in several sizes and shapes. When choosing the right kind of stocking, you must be certain that the size of the stockings has a tight grip on the legs. The stockings must have snug-fit without being too tight and stuffy.

  • Fabric of the stockings:

Various lengths are available for varicose vein stockings like knee-high, thigh-high, and waist-high. Knee-high stockings are suitable for pain in the ankle region. For pain in the legs and thighs, use thigh-high compression stockings. If you are suffering from pain near the buttocks, waist-high compression stockings are the one for you.

  • Length of the stockings:

Opaque fabrics are the most recommended because of the high durability and comfort they provide. Cotton or wool sports are also available for low-pressure areas.

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