Going to a Marijuana Dispensary- What You Need to Expect

With laws changing over the last few years, there are more marijuana dispensaries in the United States. Needless to say, if you have a valid medical marijuana card, you are spoiled for choice. It can be hard to sort through all your options, but perhaps you’ve finally decided on High Society Cannabis, a cannabis store in Big Rapids, MI, for your first trip.

What You Need to Bring

So, what exactly do you do while you’re there? And, on that note, what don’t you do? We’ll give you the best advice for your first trip so you feel at ease and confident. You don’t want your first dispensary visit to end before you even enter, do you? Then, bring your government-issued ID as well as some cash. Treat your trip to the dispensary like a trip to the bar. If you don’t have a valid ID, you won’t be able to enter any reputable dispensaries.

Furthermore, most dispensaries only accept cash, as many credit card companies have withdrawn from this industry. Even if you find a dispensary that accepts credit cards, bring some cash just in case their machines fail. You never know!

Choosing Your Perfect Product

You’ve probably gone to a fast-food restaurant before, stepped up to the register, and then panicked because you had no idea what you wanted and had so many options. If you want to reduce the likelihood of this happening at the dispensary, look at their cannabis menu online if they have one. That way, you can become acquainted with what they have to offer.

If you find a strain you want to buy, it’s a good idea to call ahead and see if they still have it in stock. This can save you from being disappointed if a popular strain runs out and you have to settle for something else.

At High Society Cannabis, you can buy online and choose delivery (within 25 miles, $50 minimum) or pick up. If the idea of visiting a dispensary in person still makes you nervous, this can be a viable alternative until you’re ready to go to their physical location.

Everyone has been a dispensary newbie, so you’re not alone! There are no dumb questions, and at High Society Cannabis, we will gladly assist you.

Unsure of What You Need? Just Ask!

At High Society Cannabis, we are here to help you choose the best products for your needs. For example, if you have trouble sleeping, they can recommend a strain with which other customers have had great success.

Even if you’re well-versed in marijuana, the industry moves quickly. You never know when new strains or information will become available. Keeping up with the times is always a good idea.

Furthermore, engaging in conversation with us will increase the likelihood that we will recognize you the next time you visit. When you establish a rapport with us, it will become easier for us to assist you. At High Society Cannabis, we want to be your go-to dispensary!

We know the stigma surrounding cannabis can make your first trip nerve-wracking, but you don’t need to worry. Millions around the world use it. When you come to our store, you will be in safe hands!