Finding The Ideal Addiction Treatment Center

Finding the ideal addiction treatment center might be an overwhelming process but the benefits that come with it can bring you a healthier and happier future. 

According to The Recovery Village, drug and alcohol addiction has become a major crisis in the United States. In 2018, more than 21 million people aged 12 and older needed to have treatment for substance use disorder. And unfortunately, only about 17% of them were able to receive the help they needed to overcome their addictions. 

Hence, it has become more important than ever for people to look for the best addiction treatment centers and programs that can help treat addicts and create a better future for themselves. 

Certifications and Licensing 

When searching for a quality treatment provider, one of the first things to look for is a program with a proven track record. Most rehabilitation centers are certified or licensed and will advertise their programs and services on platforms like Facebook and Google. Their certification often demonstrates that they provide quality treatment in caring for the addicted and their family members. 

A second consideration when searching for a program is finding a rehabilitation center that is under the authority of governing organizations. Many treatment centers are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities or The Joint Commission – both of which are non-profit organizations that focus their accreditation on industry performance standards and shown quality, value, and results. Having that layer of accountability is helpful for those seeking help and demonstrates a commitment toward excellence.

Evidence-based Practices 

Some of the most effective treatment centers rely on their evidence-based practices supported by scientific research. For example, rigorous research on the practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Twelve-Step Facilitation, and various other treatment methods reveal the program’s commitment to continued growth and improvement. 

Moreover, in many cases, you can even check a program’s reputation online to see how well they have worked with their patients. The more insight you gain from people who have experienced the practices in such treatment centers, the better you will be able to understand if the place will help in dealing with your specific addiction issues and individual needs.

Specialized Programs 

Sometimes, quality treatment providers pursue a different path and approach to caring for the addicted and their family members. These centers prioritize tailoring their approach to addiction by considering the individual needs of a person and have targeted treatment modalities that can be effective for all kinds of people of all genders and age groups. 

This mode of thinking has been adopted by Dr. Mark Shaw – a leader in the addiction field specializing in the spiritual approach to helping the hurting. Dr. Shaw is a licensed and ordained minister, a certified nouthetic counselor, a certified addictions counselor, frequent public speaker, published author, and seminary instructor. 

He started his addiction career in 1991 and over the last three decades, he has been teaching addiction training courses including a disciple-making program for addicts called ‘Next Steps: Be Transformed.” This 16 month curriculum is created for addiction leaders to utilize in their programs and churches to give hope and practical help to the addicted. Dr. Shaw’s passion is to train leaders who desire to help the addicted and are seeking biblical and gospel-focused recovery and there are courses offered by The Addiction Connection to equip willing persons. 

Overall, Dr. Shaw’s compassion for the addicted and their family members along with his skills, experience, and in-depth knowledge of the spiritual field of addiction emboldened him to launch The Addiction Connection as a non-profit, 501c-3 organization dedicated to serving those hurt and hardened by addictive behaviors. As the Founder and President of The Addiction Connection, he and his organization offer training along with a network of Group Treatment doylestown pa that enable you to find the ideal addiction treatment center for you or your loved one.