Don’t buy Herbalife UK Products from non-reliable sellers

With millions of satisfied customer all around the world, Herbalife’s reputation as a premier weight loss and nutrition company is growing every day.

With the increased demand for proven weight control products in a world with growing obesity challenges, more and more people are searching for diet products with a proven track record for success. Combine these factors with exponential growth in online shopping and it’s now easier than ever before to find and buy everything that we need online.

But it’s also necessary to remain cautious with our online shopping, and to be sure that what we’re buying is genuine; especially when it comes to weight loss supplements and nutritional products like Herbalife. 

I’ve been providing customers with Herbalife products for more than 31 years, long before the Internet was invented, and over the years I’ve seen many changes in the way that Herbalife products are sold, purchased and used.

Here are my top 3 reasons why you shouldn’t buy Herbalife online in the circumstances that I’m about to explain:

1/ Don’t buy Herbalife from Eba

The simple reason is that you don’t know what you’re buying. Regardless of what the description says you may well be buying old Herbalife products that have gone past their expiry date, and you’re effectively buying ‘blind’ from an anonymous person who is contravening the Herbalife rules selling through Ebay. It’s not worth taking the chance to save a few pounds by buying from someone you don’t know, and haven’t spoken to, and who clearly doesn’t care about adhering to the Herbalife rules and regulations. And if they don’t care about any of those important things, why should they care about you?

2/ Don’t buy Herbalife from Amazon

This is another dumping ground for Herbalife products and another illegal method of selling. The bargain that you think you’re buying usually isn’t a bargain at all, and customers have complained of damaged products and packaging, receiving some products that have already been opened, others out of date and some that just never arrive. Herbalifes Compliance department monitors and acts regularly on this type of illegal activity, and it just isn’t worth taking chances with your money, or with your health.

3/ Don’t buy Herbalife if you’re not going to receive regular follow up and reliable customer service. 

There is a reason that Herbalife products aren’t sold in shops and that’s because when you buy Herbalife products, you’re also buying the time and follow up service from your Herbalife supplier. Their experience from having used the products themselves will be a huge asset and support system to you. They should be following you up and monitoring your results, providing advise on different ways to use the Herbalife products, and generally having a genuine interest in you getting the very best results possible. You’re just not going to get any of that by buying Herbalife products from Ebay or Amazon. So my advise is don’t buy Herbalife online unless you’re sure about who you’re buying it from. 

I wish you the very best health.


Karin Jennings is an Independent Herbalife Distributor and can be contacted in the UK on 07939048050 or by email at karin [at]  Her website is at: