Different ways In which A Dentist Can Change Your Smile

Your smile is something to be celebrated. It’s a beacon of hope and reassurance that signals your personality, uniqueness, and character. Unfortunately for us mere mortals, daily life tends to take its toll on even the most radiant set of teeth. There are multiple reasons behind that, but to keep it in brief, let’s say a sporting accident or a fall in the tub. On occasions, certain medical conditions like age-related wear and tear of your teeth may occur as you get older, while medical conditions such as tooth decay or gum disease can have far more drastic consequences if left untreated.

However, irrespective of the reason why your smile doesn’t look quite how you want it, your dentist will be there to help change both its appearance and functionality so that it looks and feels better than new.

Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry is the best solution for it, and all you have to do is visit the Best Cosmetic Dentist In Delhi or book an appointment. With the advancements being made in the dental care sector, the procedures are becoming quick and effective. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the common treatments offered by dentists to change the way you smile, so let’s begin with the first one.

Dental Crowns

People with discolored teeth or loose teeth often find smiling a hard task as they feel embarrassed every time they do so. Dental crowns are the best solution for it as it repairs the teeth well and brings them back to their natural appearance. Dental crowns are made from all porcelain or ceramic and porcelain/ceramic backed with metal. They are color-matched according to the rest of your teeth to help you regain your confidence. Well-experienced dentists can also place the crowns after a root canal treatment, and it takes not more than two visits to the dental clinic to get a crown fitted. However, it may take more than two visits if you’re consulting the dentist for any other treatment.


There are many solutions to replacing missing teeth, and bridges are considered the best when it comes to closing up a gap between two teeth. It works by attaching false tooth units on either side of the gap, with gum tissue filling below to hold everything together. The process of putting in a bridge isn’t complicated, but it could require removing some existing neighboring fillings before it’s installed properly. On the other hand, if you’re looking to repair a missing tooth or two, this may easily be your best option. The best dental solution is determined by the dentist after an in-depth evaluation of your smile and your oral health.


Implants replace the entire tooth and is placed by the best dentist in Delhi or anywhere else in India. When a person gets the implants done, he or she can speak, eat or look like with natural teeth. The main focus of implants is to make your teeth look perfect, and even if a single tooth has been affected due to any reason, replacing it can be the best decision you can make. Implants are artificial teeth roots made of titanium that are placed into your jaw and support the crown. No matter how proficient the clinic may seem to you, implants are always considered better than dentures. However, implants are not the best solution for you if you’ve been going through an oral health condition like gum disease. Also, it is not recommended for chain smokers.


Veneers are recommended if there are small gaps, cracks, or chips between your teeth, or your teeth are a bit crooked. They are thin restorations that can fix the above-mentioned dental issues. The ones that are made of porcelain fit over the teeth and give you the best smile you’ve been dreaming of. You can consider veneers if you need to change the shape of your teeth or want your teeth to appear whiter. An experienced dentist near you will match the color of your teeth with the veneers or can also choose a lighter shade.

Teeth whitening

If you’re having an issue with the color of your teeth, you can consult a reliable dentist for a teeth whitening procedure. It can restore the natural white color of the teeth by using some standard teeth whitening products. Though you can get access these teeth whitening products over the counter, but the ones that good dentist uses are the quality bleaching agents. A teeth whitening procedure is one of the most popular dental treatments in demand. You must consult one of the best dentists in your area as they can also give you the right advice if this treatment is right for you or not. And if you are the right candidate for teeth whitening, then it is best be done in a dental office under the supervision of a dentist.

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