Differences Between a Dentist and an Orthodontist

The majority of people associate dental care with going to the dentist for a cleaning and exam. Many people, however, need to be made aware of another form of dental specialist: the orthodontist. Dentists and orthodontists are both oral health specialists, but there are several key differences. Orthodontists may be more prepared to aid in the resolution of specific dental disorders due to the specialist nature of their profession. When people are seeking an orthodontist in California, they turn to the trustworthy and professional experts at Sunrise Orthodontics.

Their Primary Concern

When you need a routine dental checkup, you go to your dentist. While you’re there, they’ll clean your teeth and help you with any minor difficulties, such as toothache. If your teeth or jaw are misaligned, whether slightly crooked or projecting out, you should consult an orthodontist. Allowing your misalignment to persist may result in issues with eating, speaking, and even oral hygiene.

Maintaining Your Teeth

When an orthodontist works on your teeth, braces will almost certainly be used to straighten them. They are unable to do the more invasive operations that dentists are capable of. A dentist may be able to give you teeth straightening equipment on occasion, although they are normally more equipped with treatments such as veneers or crowns. They are primarily focused on treating tooth and gum discomfort. As a result, they perform operations such as root canals and tooth extractions.

Dental Surgeons of Other Specialties

Orthodontists are one of many sorts of specialists in dentistry noblesville in. Other specialized disciplines in dentistry include:


Endodontists are dentists who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of internal tooth diseases. They have received training in root canals, dental anatomy, and other operations that involve the pulp and nerve of the tooth.


Periodontists are dentists who specialize in periodontal disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Periodontal disease is a gum infection that can lead to tooth loss. Periodontists have significant training in the treatment of this condition, and they frequently collaborate with other dental professionals to offer their patients complete care.


Prosthodontists are dentists who specialize in tooth repair and replacement. Bridges, implants, dentures, and veneers are just a few of the treatments they use to help patients regain their smiles. Prosthodontists do research on tooth loss and its consequences on oral health in addition to their clinical practice.

An Orthodontist Consultation

Orthodontists are available to help you improve your smile for both aesthetic and oral health reasons. Sunrise Orthodontics is pleased to serve the citizens of California, with offices in Dixon, Elk Grove, Placerville, and Rancho Cordova, CA. Their personnel will not only correct your bite and misaligned teeth, but they will also educate you on the procedures they perform and how the technology they use can benefit you.

Do you have any doubts about seeing an orthodontist? Consult with your normal dentist on your next appointment; if they find any problems with your mouth, they will surely supply you with extra information. Whatever sort of dentist you require, they will help you improve your overall oral health.