How to Protect Yourself from COVID. Tips to Survive Coronavirus.

Here are some covid prevention tips and safety precautions to stay fit and healthy during coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

Health and Fitness Tips, How to Protect Yourself from COVID


  1. Social Distancing: Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

Avoid unnecessary travel and crowded places as much as possible. Try working from home if you can. Even if you are compelled to travel and move in public places, maintain social distancing as much as you can, ensuring you wear masks as long as you are among people.


  1. Maintain General Hygiene 

Wash hands thoroughly and frequently. Do not touch your nose, mouth, eyes and face frequently. Sanitize your hands with good sanitizers which contain at least 60% alcohol content in it. 


  1. Disinfect Your Surroundings 

Disinfect your surroundings and surfaces such as work desks and living areas regularly.


How to Protect Yourself from COVID. Tips to Survive Coronavirus immunity boosting foods spices immune system

  1. Immunity Boosting Foods

Consume superfoods and spices that increase your general immunity such as guavas, kiwis, papaya, garlic, ginger and turmeric. Please refer to comprehensive list of immunity boosting tips and foods.


  1. Stay Hydrated 

Drink adequate amounts of water.


  1. Supplements That Boost Immunity

You may take natural immunity boosting supplements such as Vitamin C and Vitamin D can help boost your immune system including exposure to ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ sunrays for a few minutes a day.


  1. Stress Management

Exercise, meditation and listen to some uplifting music may help to relieve stress.


  1. Sleep Well

Take naps and take frequent breaks in between your work from home. 


  1. Positivity

Above all stay positive, get creative and have fun. Spend good quality time with your family, kids or pets or social media friends, to avoid anxiety and boredom. Watch inspirational movies and stand up comedy videos. Follow health and fitness tips and articles for a healthy life.


  1. Upgrade Yourself

Upskill yourself by taking online courses.


  1. Update yourself 

Refer to authoritative websites like World Health Organization, etc about COVID-19 news, updates, Dos and Don’ts.


  1. Seek Medical Help

If you suspect any symptoms, seek medical help and self quarantine yourself.


Since there’s no drug or vaccine for covid as yet, prevention through social distancing is the best weapon the humankind has to protect ourselves from coronavirus. Hope the world finds an early discovery of vaccines and treatment for covid_19. Until then stay safe and let’s fight the spread of coronavirus pandemic with these covid prevention tips, boost immunity and general health tips.

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