Black Ant Extract A soluble zinc source for enhances physical vigour and athletic efficiency.

Polyrhachis Ant (Black Mountain Ant) Extract is a famous old Chinese tonic with a 3000-year history of usage. For a good cause, it’s known as the Herb of Kings. It is a nutrient-dense superfood rich in proteins, minerals, calcium, and phytonutrients. This water-soluble, top-grade plant extracts taste best when combined in fruit or a blender; however, combining in water is acceptable if you can tolerate the smell!

Men love Black Ant Extract as a nutritional supplement element. Raising energy levels is thought to promote overall sexual performance and lean muscle mass growth. It also contains various vital vitamins, minerals, and chemicals that aid in developing body systems and support healthy recovery. Are you looking for a polyrachis ant powder supplier?

What is the definition of Black Ant Extract?

The Black Ant Extract is a component of many dietary supplement products obtained from an ant species known as Polyrhachis vicina. It is also known as Changbai Hill Ant, Ant extract, Bee powder, black hillside ant extract, black carpenter ant extract, Polyrhachis Ant powder, Polyrhachis vicina roger powder and Edible Chinese. It has long been used to treat various common ailments, including inflammatory arthritis and other inflammatory disorders. Alternative medicine practitioners recognize Black Ant Extract is a sensual and immune boost. It is also an accessible source of various vitamins and nutrients that are important for health and the well.

Black Ant Extract Active Ingredients

Black Ant Extract includes a variety of minerals, vitamins, and substances that promote general health. According to research, the extract consists of eighteen amino acids (glycine, glutamic acid, alt, hcl, and peptide), sixteen ions (calcium, sodium, mgcl, iron, and zinc), and more than twenty chemical compounds. Organic molecules such as 9-octadecenoic acid, methyl oleate, and e s acid are among them.

What is the mechanism of action of Black Ant Extract?

The extract is a natural source of cellular energy, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). As a result, researchers believe that Black Ant Extract may boost workout efforts and minimize recuperation time during activities by naturally improving energy levels. In practice, this advantage leads to effective weight loss. The extract also stimulates muscle mass growth and development as a natural protein supplement. The extract’s components are thought to contribute to effective inflammation management, antioxidant properties, and better cell signaling.

Manufacturing of Black Ant Extract

The drying of black ants is the first step in generating a Black Ant Extract. A portion of the dried black ants is crushed and left aside, while another part is mixed with ethanol for extraction. After that, the heating extraction is repeated twice, accompanied by the filtration procedure. After setting aside the crushed dry black ants, the filtrate result is blended in a mixing machine. Finally, the Black Ant Extractor product was obtained.