Benefits of telemedicine during the pandemic

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, restrictions on mass gathering and person-to-person contact have been implemented worldwide. It changed everything people are used to doing. This includes the way of administering healthcare and medical care to patients. Telemedicine is a method of remotely providing medical care using telecommunication devices, usually through video chats. However, it can also be through phone calls/messaging and, in rare cases, emails. 

Telemedicine can be used to assess whether patients need treatment in person. It mainly provides medical care such as assessments for minor infections and mental health treatment. Also, it offers specific types of therapy, such as physical and speech therapy. Telemedicine can also be used for acquiring and renewing prescription doctors and specialists like psychiatrists in Makati and others. Although restrictions in most places are now either lifted or relaxed, people still prefer telemedicine for safety against viruses and its great benefits. To be more detailed, telemedicine’s benefits during the pandemic are included.

Less transportation cost and time

Since telemedicine can be done in the comfort of the patient’s home, they can save money on gas, parking fees, and transportation costs. Better than that, patients no longer need to waste time on long travels and being stuck in traffic jams which causes delays in the appointment schedule.

Eliminate family care issues

Most people are responsible for caring for children, the elderly, or anyone in the family who needs care. Finding a nanny or caregiver so that they can see the doctor can be expensive and complicated. Bringing them along can be impractical and stressful. Thankfully, telemedicine allows them to see the doctor while upholding their duties.

No need to skip work

Speaking of duties, telemedicine mental health medication management little rock ar eliminates the need to do time off work. They can simply schedule online consultations for specialists like psychiatrists in Taguig during break time or before and after work. Complying with the doctor’s instructions and maintaining health without skipping work.

Eliminates risks from viruses

Since hospitals and clinics are where sick people go when they need medical care, people are wary of them. Although the hospitals are doing their best to prevent someone from catching viruses from another, it is possible, especially in crowded rooms and hallways. By using telemedicine at home, people can be safe from the risks of contacting people who carry the virus.

Wide access to specialists

Most patients who need the services of a specialist drive long distances and invest money per consultation. Telemedicine makes it possible to leverage the expertise of these specialists who are not in their nearest location. People need the best, not the closest, when talking about serious health issues. There are apps and websites like Nowserving PH where people can look up available doctors and specialists to answer their questions and have online consultations. 


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, person-to-person contact was restricted for an extended time, making everything change to fit in this new society. Health care and medical care are many things affected by these changes. Telemedicine is used to assess whether patients need treatment in person and to provide medical care such as assessments for minor infections, mental health treatment, and many more through video calls, phone calls, and SMS. 

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