Answering Common CBD-Related Questions

Whenever it comes to marijuana, there are two major strains that people use, THC and CBD. While both have possible medical benefits, THC comes with psychoactive effects that keep it from being legal in many states. CBD, however, is often derived from the hemp plant rather than cannabis, so it has fewer restrictions. Despite this and the fact it is found in products located at retailers, a lot still needs to be known before using it.

Along with the following solutions to your queries, you can go to a reputable dispensary when it comes to specific products. Bryan’s Green Care is a cannabis store in Hobbs, NM, that ensures all of their staff is properly educated on CBD and THC to help their customers find the right items they need. 


As mentioned, a lot of CBD that is used for medicinal purposes comes from hemp plants, which are not classified as a controlled substance by the FDA. CBD is still technically classified as a drug, however. Whenever it does come from the cannabis plant, CBD must have a THC level under 0.3% in order to avoid the same restrictions by law that THC has. 

Many dispensaries like Bryan’s Green Care that contain CBD also have traces of THC. This is why they warn users to be aware of taking them before a drug test, as this amount could still show up. 

Who Can Use It

CBD has been a treatment option for both typical medicine and holistic therapies. This is because research has been done to show that it can aid in relieving some symptoms related to physical and mental health. Topicals like salves and lotions can treat skin irritations like eczema or psoriasis. Meanwhile, oils might be ingested to lower levels of anxiety. 

Even though it is often prescribed to adults, it is also safe for children. Research is currently being done to see how it affects autism and ADHD. However, no matter how much it can help with symptoms, it should not be used as an alternative to actual medical care, and you should be sure to consult with your doctor about whether or not you should use CBD. 

Outside of humans, pets have also been treated with CBD oils. Veterinarians may prescribe the use for dogs and cats that have problems with anxiety or seizures. They can help you understand the dosage amount, which is usually determined by the size and breed of your furry friend. 


There are plenty of ways that you can take in CBD, though most options are done through oral or topical methods. Often, people opt for salves and lotions whenever they deal with inflammation or musical tension. Places like Bryan’s Green Care also have options such as bath bombs. 

Outside of ingesting CBD oils, you could use food items such as gummies or honey. These items may provide results more rapidly and you should be careful how much you take in. Bryan’s Green Care has a dosage chart on their website to help you from overdoing it. 

Though less common and less likely to be found at big box stores, there are smokable CBD options, too. This can be done through joints or with vapes, much like THC products. 

Choosing the Right Items

Just like a dispensary will tell you with THC items, the way you take in CBD depends on why you are using it and what effects you are looking for. This is why it is much better to purchase CBD products from them and not at your local gas station. 

Everyone who works at Byan’s Green Care knows what each product they carry does and will make sure you find your perfect match, CBD or THC-related. They never carry items that they do not trust because they want all of their customers to be 100% satisfied with their results. 

As they want you to be just as educated on marijuana, they have a podcast called NMCannaCast where they discuss everything there is to know from laws, patient care, and any big news stories related to cannabis use. 

CBD might be more available than THC, but there is still a lot that people do not fully understand about it. Whenever you go to use it, make sure you talk with a staff that is in the know regarding both strains. Bryan’s Green Care provides top-of-the-line products and high-quality education!