A Journey to Be A Successful Certified Yoga Instructor – Six Steps to Follow

You might have attended a few yoga classes and experienced some transformative changes in yourself or you might be able to improve your own well-being through yoga and then you would be thinking of why you don’t help others to come out of those illnesses!! Whether through your or through other’s experience of transformation, if you want to become a successful yoga instructor, you need to consider your gut feeling and be a certified yoga instructor.

But, What is yoga?

Yoga is the discipline which includes mind and body practices for mental, emotional and physical upliftment. It can also be helpful to uplift the spiritual well-being of an individual. Thus it can be proved as a blessing for people practicing yoga consistently.

Do you know who can become a Yoga teacher?

Anyone. Yes, a wellness professional, sports coach, personal trainer or simply who is interested to be one. 

What does a Yoga Instructor do?

Yoga instructors do not teach a few dozens of postures and movements only. They guide and lead the yoga class, keep on watch and correct the movements and postures of students, make students comfortable to communicate, give confidence to students, be careful for not getting any injury and give the best transformative results yoga can bring. To be such an Instructor you need to learn teaching and leadership skills, understand the human body and its movements, correct way of performing yoga postures, skill to make students comfortable in yoga practice and communication and designing session structure as per the need of students.

Do you need a Certification to be a Yoga Instructor?

Yes. You need to learn the skills and get the knowledge to be a Yoga instructor. You need to learn things like how to teach yoga, how to guide and support students in their yoga sessions, how to lead sessions and how to drive best results for students.

What does it look like to be A Yoga Instructor? – Yoga as a Career

Speaking about Yoga in the Health and Fitness Industry, it has been becoming popular worldwide from a few decades with over 36.7 million practitioners in the U.S. alone. Yoga is a potential and promising career option with the increasing spread of awareness about its mental, emotional and physical benefits.

Finally, How to Become a Successful Yoga Instructor?

Becoming a yoga instructor is a journey from knowing your vision to be a certified yoga instructor to achieve your vision and transform people’s health. The steps to become a successful yoga instructor are here:

1. Get to Know “What do you want to give to your student as a Yoga Instructor?”

You only know what kind of yoga you would perhaps enjoy. You only know what level and type of results you want to bring for your students. You only know what kind of yoga session you want to conduct. Ask yourself and note, What yoga do you want to teach your students?

2. Find out the best teacher training certification program

There are many yoga certification programs available out there. It is important to choose the right teacher training program available. Your time, efforts and money should not get wasted. Research well and know about different programs, what those all can give to your students if you learn? If they interest you? If those are amongst the best programs? Research about the testimonials and demand of those programs. Research about those yoga teacher training programs. Choose the best one according to you, consider your gut feeling too.

3. Learn the Course, Get certified in yoga and Start practicing Yoga

If you chose any program, now what is to wait for? Enroll and start learning from the mentors, put your best efforts to learn and get certified in yoga with high results possible. Now start practicing yoga on yourself, a teacher is first a student.

4. Start practicing of teaching Yoga

Learning yoga and how to teach yoga effectively isn’t enough. You also should practice being a yoga instructor. Start teaching yoga to your people, friends and family or any known person who is interested in practicing. Get to know how you are as a yoga teacher.

5. Start making money as a Yoga Instructor

Charge for your coaching, your efforts should now be paid. After knowing your capability and power, be a professional yoga instructor and serve people to get them desired results and transformations.

6. Build List and Expel your journey as a Yoga Instructor

This is a step from being a professional yoga instructor to a successful certified yoga instructor. You will instruct many students, many of them will get amazing results. Keep in touch with your students, get them to your class again because maintaining good mental, physical and emotional health is a never ending process. Bringing transformation in people’s life through yoga is what you are made for.