5 Different Ways to Consume Cannabis For Better Health

In the last few years, we’ve seen many countries legalize cannabis. These legalizations have been for both medicinal and recreational use. While cannabis was earlier stigmatized as a gateway drug, that perception has been obliterated. Canada completely legalized the recreational use of marijuana recently. Even in some US states, legalization is either approaching or has settled in. This means that dispensaries like Cannasseur can help a larger number of people.

Not everyone likes to consume weed by smoking it even though it’s still a popular method. There are many reasons why some people avoid smoking at all costs. These include a risk of developing cancer, lung impairments, and much more. Since smoking isn’t the most effective method anyways, people have devised new ways.  

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of these popular alternative methods of consuming cannabis for your better health. We won’t be discussing smoking since avoiding smoke is the primary goal here. So without further ado, let’s find out how you can extract the greatest benefits from weed. Without suffering the harmful effects of smoke inhalation!

1. Inhalation

Before you run away and close this page, hear us out! When we talk about inhaling cannabis, we aren’t cribbing about smoking. Yes, smoking is one way to inhale THC and CBD, but it’s not the only one. 

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years, you must’ve heard about vapes. All the kids are doing vapes these days and there’s a reason why. Vapes don’t make you inhale smoke like a joint or a cigarette does. Vapes heat the plant in a partial vacuum to produce vapor that you can inhale. 

According to the pot connoisseurs at Cannasseur, vaping isn’t as harmful as smoking. This is because of the low amount of tar and carbon monoxide produced. Vaping is a very efficient way of consuming pot as very little of it gets wasted. There’s not as much smell and the dosages can be precisely controlled as well.

There are also other methods like using concentrated extracts of cannabis called dabs. The dab rig needed will be a little more expensive and you can inhale a very high dose if you aren’t careful. This is the reason why vaping is still much more prominent than dabbing. 

2. Topical Application

If you’re using cannabis only for its medicinal properties, topical application is the ideal method. Many balms, oils, ointments, and patches available at Cannasseur deliver CBD topically.

These options are great if you’re trying to reduce pain. It helps a lot in conditions like arthritis, psoriasis, and eczema. You won’t be getting high because these products are usually more focused on CBD and don’t contain a lot of THC. 

3. Ingestion

Ingesting cannabis has always been a popular way of consuming it. This is because it used to be the only alternative to smoking. It’s so popular that at Cannasseur, there are more than 150 different types of edibles available. This number is more than any other type of cannabis product in their entire catalog. The popularity of edibles has declined a little since many alternatives have come up. We have a host of other methods to consume pot, but it still remains the most popular. For those looking for a long-lasting high, it’s still a great alternative.

Usually, it takes anywhere from half an hour to an hour for the effects to kick in. This makes it difficult to titrate the dose, unlike other methods. In smoking, vaping, and inhaling the dose is very controllable. The effects can last for as long as eight hours to a whole day depending on the dosage and the preparation. This makes ingestion the preferred method for many. Especially people who want to use marijuana for pain relief. It lasts a long time without needing to keep repeating the dose.

4. Sublingual Consumption

Our tongue is a wonderful organ and it can be used to absorb cannabis straight into our bloodstreams. Many oral lozenges and sprays are available these days that work sublingually. You either spray it on your tongue or place it in your mouth where the blood vessels do their jobs. 

This method is usually like oral ingestion, but some people claim it works a little faster. This remains debated and you’ll have to see for yourself which method works better for you.

5. Suppositories

Finally, we have the one method that no one likes to use. We’re throwing it in here so that people who want some specific benefits can use it. Suppositories deliver cannabis straight to your colon or stomach. These are the last resort.

The bioavailability is high because it gets absorbed straight into the bloodstream. The psychoactive effects are negligible with a suppository. This helps consume a large dose without the risk of blackouts, nausea, or anxiety. But, it’s very inconvenient for someone who has to get out of their homes which is why it’s not as popular.