20 Activities to Celebrate World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is an international day of awareness and action that has been recognized for two decades now. It’s meant as a catalyst for us to learn more, offer support, and seek help. 

If you’d like to honor World Mental Health Day on your own or in a community, here are some ideas you might like to try:

  1. Attend an event that supports World Mental Health Day
  2. Get certified in mental health first aid
  3. Create strong self-care practices
  4. Treat yourself to a hair spa day
  5. Share your story and your experiences
  6. Volunteer or donate
  7. Contact representatives and urge them to make mental health a priority
  8. Read and share quotes about mental health
  9. Listen to mental health podcasts
  10. Learn more about your mental health
  11. Read articles or books about mental health
  12. Bookmark resources that share reliable information about mental health
  13. Find a therapist and gain valuable insights
  14. Celebrate good news
  15. Try meditating
  16. Share mental health resources
  17. Consume the news responsibly
  18. Be thoughtful about the information you share online
  19. Host professional events that support employee mental health
  20. Offer resources and information to students at your local school 

The activities and actions above are a great way to get yourself and your community involved in conversations surrounding mental health.